10 Best Kept ANTI AGING SECRETS from the Angels

I meditate quite frequently since my Bizarre Spiritual Awakening, and have gotten some surprising natural, best kept anti aging secrets from the angels using Clairaudience.

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I was addicted to just about everything on the planet that would kill you super fast. After my spiritual awakening (and turning 40), I began caring about myself and my appearance again.

Since my near-death experience, I am clairaudient and able to hear spirit guides and angelic guidance. So, I, of course have asked about longevity and not only feeling better, but looking better, for my age.

Some of these natural, best kept anti aging secrets you’ve heard from many doctors, dermatologists, and health experts. But, some of these ways to reverse aging are incredible, yet so simple, and truly best kept!

None of these best-kept natural anti aging secrets from the angels are super exotic, hard to get, or extremely expensive. They, as most things that keep us young, vibrant, and energetic – Just take time.

10 Natural Best Kept Anti Aging Secrets

1. Open Your Third Eye Chakra

While watching a YouTube video of a well-known spiritual teacher guru, I couldn’t believe how amazing his skin looked for his age! And, one of my own beautiful angels answered, “That’s because he has a well-developed third eye chakra.”

I was shocked!

I had never put two and two together that a strong third-eye chakra that allows in more light, would keep you looking younger for longer!

This is one of the best kept anti aging secrets in my opinion, and one that will serve you far beyond just preventing aging naturally.

Opening your third eye chakra will help you have more Lucid Dreams, Receive Your Own Messages from the Spiritual Realm, and show you foods/herbs/solutions to your own problems!

You can check out my post for The Fastest Way to Open Your Third Eye Chakra here.

And, if you are looking for more ways to open this whole head chakra center, check out this post: How to Decalcify the Pineal Gland, which studies have shown helps slow aging and boost energy for another amazing best kept anti-aging secret!

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2. De-stress

There are numerous studies to support that chronic stress may be to blame for making cells age faster.

Besides that, my spirit guides corroborated this during a meditation session in which I had been under a lot of recent stress with starting this website while being pregnant, breastfeeding, then immediately pregnant again!

During this meditation, my angel guides said, “Find ways to self-care and de-stress. Stress ages the physical body considerably.”

If you are worrying about money, which I definitely was at the time! Check out my How I Manifest Whatever I Want With Ascended Master Secrets post!

Besides that, stressing about money only creates less money. So try out the manifestation exercises above, or something as simple as the 3-6-9 Manifestation Method!

Just find ways to live your life with balance, ease, and a LOT less stress to reverse the aging process!

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3. Exercise

This natural secret to reverse aging in humans is pretty much common knowledge. Everyone, and I mean, everyone, understands that exercise will keep you looking younger, longer.

But, from a spiritual perspective I’ve been told that “The infinite intelligence (or love) of Creator is in the air.” Exercising, as well as meditation circulates this through your body. This is the best kept anti aging secrets part of the equation.

It keeps your cells supplied with a fresh, clean moving supply of blood and, in turn, oxygen, or basically the love of our Creator, of God. (Or, at least this is what my spirit guides keep telling me! And, I still make excuses that I don’t have enough time to exercise! LOL!)

Exercise isn’t an anti-aging biohack or magic pill – It is the ultimate home remedy anti aging secret that you can implement anytime for better longevity and youth!

4. Get your Rest/Sleep

Research has found that stress caused by sleep deprivation increases signs of aging. Our bodies repair and regenerate as we sleep, and if we don’t get enough, we just don’t look as young as we could.

I have gone through many bouts of insomnia throughout my lifetime, especially when I was fighting my addictions to get sober after a near-death experience.

When I struggle with getting enough sleep, my angels (spirit guides) offer the guidance that I can always practice meditation to get the deep oxygenation and rejuvenation my body so desperately needs!

Using meditation to combat sleep deprivation is the best kept anti aging secrets part of how to get more rest to slow down aging prematurely!

I have written the step-by-step guidance I received from the angels for the mindfulness meditation technique I practice here: The Ancient Meditation Technique for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness.

You can read more about my story in my book available on Amazon: My Spiritually Awakening Recovery: How I Overcame Grief & Addiction to Spiritually Awaken & Create My Own Reality!

5. Drink More Properly Filtered or Spring Water

I used to think water was water. Tap, hose, bottled, etc… It was all the same to me!

But, now that I can hear guidance from my spirit guides about aging gracefully and naturally – I know that this just isn’t the case!

They have told me sooo many contaminants are in our tap water, and that I would need to filter it to keep them from aging my physical body prematurely.

Many cities add Synthetic Fluoride to the water supply full of impure industrial byproducts such as arsenic.

If you are using a water filter pitcher like Brita, you may want to consider switching to an AquaGear Water Filter Pitcher.


A five stage filter with 2 micron pores, including a lead/fluoride filter, protects you and your family from contaminants that other filters miss. The filter does all this while keeping healthy trace minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water, which ZeroWater and Reverse Osmosis systems will strip out.***

AquaGear filters are also rigorously tested to NSF Standards!

Using a filter such as AquaGear will also help keep plastic water bottles out of our landfills, which is a win-win, for both us and the Earth!

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6. Eat More Apples

Eating more apples is such a simple best kept secret for anti aging, that it is almost too good to be true!

In Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue book, Anthony William’s explains the importance of eating organic apples and even organic applesauce for the liver.

He likens apples to miracles for health and vitality! My angelic guides have also shown and told me to “eat more apples” for years!

One night, after watching a fun new Michael Douglas movie on Amazon Prime, I was thinking of him aging while meditating.

I was instantly shown a psychic flash of Michael Douglas much younger with strong, lean muscles and saw a bushel of apples next to him!

I laughed at the visual and thanked the Universe again for the reminder that eating a butt-load of apples is a super-simple, natural best kept anti aging secret!

7. Pure Plant-Based Skincare, Especially Retinol & Sunscreen

As I spiritually awakened, I felt I was invincible and impervious to the premature skin aging effects from the sun.

Boy, was I wrong!

Again, my angels set me straight when I asked about sunscreen.

They told me to definitely use sunscreen and retinol, in moderation, as long as they were “plant-based and pure anti-aging skincare products.”

I looove makeup artists choice for their natural retinol and SPF day protection lotions!

I’m not an affiliate for the company, I just really love their skincare products which took me years to find!

They also let you buy a small sample of ANY skincare product to test it out on your own skin and make sure you love it before you buy a full-size version.

8. Ascend to the 5th Dimension

Wondering What the 5th Dimension Is? A lot of people are!

I explain more in the above linked to post, but basically the fifth dimension is where Mother Earth and her inhabitants (us), are heading as we speak.

The 5th dimension is a lighter, freer, more balanced way of being, and isn’t as hard on your physical body.

If you’re curious how to get to the 5th dimension, where you put less stress on your physical body, manifest better and faster – And just becoming an all-around happier person, You can get my power-packed e-book How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension: Where ANYTHING you want, YOU’VE GOT IT! for just $5!

how to ascend to the 5th dimension
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9. Eat More Mushrooms

I’ll be honest, mushrooms are not my favorite food to eat! My husband loves them and wants to put them in ALL the recipes we make!

I think eating mushrooms is like chewing on someone’s ear for 15 minutes, but that being said, my angels still clairaudiently whisper “Eat more mushrooms” in my ear often when I am stressing about my liver health or aging!

Apparently mushrooms are incredible adaptogenic superfoods that help our bodies deal with stress in a very healthy balancing way.

An amazing fact I ran across in researching mushrooms as a natural, best kept anti-aging secret is that we share half our DNA with mushrooms, which makes them extremely bioavailable.

Since I don’t love the taste of mushrooms, the angels have told me to look for an organic, full spectrum or whole-life cycle mushroom supplement.

Full spectrum, or whole life-cycle mushrooms are mushroom blends that include ground up versions of all the stages of mushroom development combined.

This includes the mycelium, primordia, fruitbodies, and extracellular compounds produced throughout the entire life cycle of the mushroom.

These mushrooms naturally contain beta glucans, digestive enzymes, fiber, prebiotics and antioxidants!

I did my research and now take Om’s Organic Mushroom Master Blend Powder and I can feel a huge difference in my mood and energy levels!

It contains a master blend of 10 incredible superfood mushrooms using the whole-life cycles, as well as an organic adaptogen blend to further help with stress.

Check price on Amazon!

10. Do a Liver Detox/Be Happy!

When you are concerned about aging, or just looking to age more gracefully, it is imperative to look to your liver health!

Imagine your body as a fish tank, and your liver as the filter which keeps it clean. What happens when that filter becomes clogged?

Mucky, yucky, bleh is what!

In Medical Medium Liver Rescue, Anthony William states that, “If I walk into a crowd of 1000 people, 900 will have hurting livers – and almost none of them will know it.”

That is a huge number of people with stressed, struggling, sluggish livers!

William even goes as far as to state that “The liver is the wellspring of renewed life, a holy place of rejuvenation… It holds youth… It’s the origin of longevity and the age reversal process… Your liver is everything when it comes to preserving yourself.”

My angels have told me that my liver holds the key to health, longevity, a better mood, better sleep, more energy, etc., etc., etc…

And, when I think of cleansing the liver the right way, I think of Global Healing Center’s Livatrex.

I have been through 4 bottles of this amazing-done-the-right-way-stuff, and am always impressed with how good I look and feel afterwards!

Dr. Group is amazing and the real deal when it comes to cleansing, healing, and repairing the body the right way with supplements.

Also, feel free to check out the Medical Medium Liver Rescue book for the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 meal plan that will really boost your liver and give you all the amazing anti-aging benefits of a healthy clean liver.

Check price for Livatrex on Amazon!

Best Kept ANTI AGING SECRETS from the Angels: Synopsis

And, there you have it!

My best advice for reversing the aging process in us beautiful humans that has come directly from my meditative channeling sessions with spirit guides, Archangels, and other Teacher’s of Light!

Since turning 40, aging has become somewhat of an annoyance. It’s almost like my brain immediately got the memo that I was now 40, and things would start to go awry!

I was annoyed and somewhat dismayed! After all, I had taken huge strides towards greater health, wellness, and a balanced way of living after my particularly difficult spiritual awakening.

So, I looked to my angelic guides for loving support on how to age gracefully and naturally and most importantly feel amazing while doing it!

My favorite advice above is just to eat more apples and mushrooms! It is so simple to do! I steal my kid’s apple sauces packets all the time now, and am loving the results!

Have you tried any of the above best kept anti-aging secrets from the angels? Do you have any other best kept anti aging secrets, tips, tricks, hacks, or amazing advice to share with others? I, and other readers, love to hear from you! Please comment below and don’t forget to share to social media!

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