5th Dimensional Beings (Who They Are in the Age of Light)

As the Earth continues her spiritual ascension process from the third dimension to the fourth dimension, and then ultimately the fifth dimension, we humans will have to adjust to life on a 5th dimensional physical world, and become 5th Dimensional Beings ourselves.

5th Dimensional Beings

Thus, this begins our spiritual awakening process into the New Age of Aquarius, or Golden Age of Light into the higher dimensions. This is where we ourselves ascend into the living light body and the originally intended 5th Dimensional blueprint for the human race.

Where is the 5th Dimension?

The 5th Dimension is not a place or destination, but rather a way of being. When you are living your life with intention, consciously aware of what you are doing and saying, you are experiencing your reality in the upper 4th Dimension.

When you are experiencing your reality in a state of ease, bliss, and observation – Simply enjoying the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds, you are experiencing life from a 5th Dimensional perspective, which is different from the various dimensions of space that science talks about.

5th Dimension Signs

It is possible to “walk the line” between the 3rd Dimension and the 5th Dimension on a daily basis. Being in a state of simple awareness, ease, joy, and bliss while staying mindful means that you are experiencing your life from your spiritual body, or from the 5th Dimensional consciousness that many are experiencing more and more!

But, say you are on a beautiful hike, enjoying the sounds of birds and the river, feeling the sun on your face, unworried and unstressed, when suddenly you get a text from somebody blaming you for something.

You instantly get pulled back into the 3rd Dimension. Your thoughts are now cluttered with things such as, Why does she have to act this way? This doesn’t feel good. I’ll never be accepted. I’ll never find love.

5th dimensional beings
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What is the 3rd Dimension?

Human beings have been experiencing the 3rd Dimension for a very long time. We are not present, or mindful. We are reactionary. We tend to take things personally. We do not know how to neutrally observe, or allow things to just be. We are constantly in a hurry, wondering if we are okay, and hard on ourselves for not “being perfect”.

The 3rd Dimension is littered with loud, cluttered thoughts and a lack of ease and well-being. Our modern fast-paced lifestyle has made us feel like we are constantly playing catch-up in our lives, but never quite getting there.

As 3-D creatures, we experience dis-ease on a daily basis. We don’t take the time to exercise, appreciate beauty, practice gratitude, slow the mind, and we are attracting what we vibrate at.

In the three-dimensional world we lack balance, time to do more of what we enjoy, and we attract, through the Law of Attraction – Our greatest fears, worries, and doubts.

What is the 4th Dimension?

The 4th Dimension is that extra dimension that gives us a nice cushion between being out of balance, stressed, and thinking heavy, dark, low vibrational thoughts to that of the ease, bliss, and euphoria of the 5th Dimension. The 4th Dimension is simply being in a present-time state of awareness.

In the 4th Dimensional state of consciousness, you are not worried about what to make for dinner, or if you’ll finish your deadline on time, or what you’ll say to your boss once you get to work – You hold your attention point, or awareness directly in that moment, firmly within your body.

If you are putting on your makeup, your mind is focused on not messing up your makeup. If you are putting on your pants, your mind is focused on lifting your leg up and stepping into your pants, or how the pants feel on your skin.

Changing how we feel changes everything. In the 3rd Dimension, we focus completely on the outer world, letting it lock us into outdated and old patterns of uncertainty, fear, and rigidity.

We let others give us our self-worth, instead of focusing on our “inner world”, or finding inner peace and joy.

What are 5th Dimensional Beings?

In the past, 5th Dimensional beings were higher dimensional beings and could look like anything. Many 5th Dimensional creatures, or beings exist on other worlds and in other realms, including 5th Dimensional fairies and extra-terrestrials.

5th Dimension beings have mastered the art of holding themselves in a state of ease, bliss, and euphoria. But, the most important trait required for that of experiencing your reality in the 4th Dimensions and higher, is that of mindfulness, or being present.

In my post, 8 Secrets of 5D Earth Ascension, I explain that by 2015, a large number of 5th Dimensional master humans emerged on Earth. They began consciously creating their realities, living life with balance, ease, and joy, and experiencing a greater ability to rapidly manifest their intentions through the Law of Attraction.

Beginning on December 21, 2012 at the Cosmic Moment, Archangels and Ascended Masters closed the door to the 3rd dimension for good. This meant that no babies would be born into the 3rd dimension.

Earth then began the ascension process necessary to move into the 4th and then 5th Dimensions. Those who do not willingly choose to go with the ascension process, will greatly struggle on the planet, while others will be experiencing greater joy, manifestation powers, and an inner knowing of their purpose!

I have gathered information on How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension & Become a 5th Dimensional Master over 7 years and 100s of meditation channeling sessions!

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In it, you will find how to heal 3rd Dimensional pain, and the necessary habit changes, mindset shifts, and 5th Dimensional Light Body activations (including turning on your 5 transpersonal chakras and 5th Dimensional Merkaba), that will help you move with greater ease and speed into 5th Dimensional Mastery!

how to ascend to the 5th dimension
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What Would a 5th Dimensional Being Look Like?

5th Dimensional beings are simply beings living in a 5th Dimensional awareness, or consciousness. This may include, but are not limited to: 5th Dimensional extraterrestrials, fairies, or even humans. So, a 5th Dimensional beings looks will vary, but the feeling you get when you’re around them is unmistakable.

Although it is impossible to tell if you run across a human, or another 5th Dimension being, there are many differences in their energetics or vibration. You can sense the peace, ease, happiness, and contentment emanating from a 5th Dimensional being. They have a grace about them.

Beings living in the 5th Dimension forgive easily, work on themselves, don’t concern themselves with idol gossip, and truly wish the best for everyone they encounter. They stay grounded within the frame of their physical body, and also manage to stay balanced in all things.

They are living in unseen dimensions to others, but a beautiful place where manifesting from a higher plane of existence becomes a part of their daily life.

5th Dimension Humans

5th Dimension humans have mastered the ability to stay in ease, grace, happiness, and balance. They have moved beyond playing the 3rd Dimensional games or power plays that have existed for so long in the 3rd Dimension.

Becoming a 5th Dimensional human or master requires some real work and determination to not only get to the 5th Dimension, but to stay there.

As we move closer to the coming of the New Age and the realization that we are awakening into the Age of Aquarius, or Golden Age of Light long foretold by the Mayans and other ancient civilizations, we must realize that the only way to ascend human consciousness into the 5th Dimension, is by doing our own inner work.

Are We 5 Dimensional Beings?

Although 5 Dimensional beings is a broad term, it is used to describe those who are moving into becoming more spiritual beings existing or experiencing the Earth realm in a lighter, freer way. So, no, not everyone on planet Earth at this time is a 5th Dimensional being. But, a fast growing minority are!

Numerous three-dimensional beings have chosen to begin the spiritual ascension process and move to becoming or have already become a fifth dimensional being. Those who have undertaken the spiritual ascension process to 5D are experiencing life in a completely new and exciting way!

Fifth Dimension signs are unmistakable, and there are many signs you are living in the 5th Dimension. For one, you are a neutral observer. There is no animosity towards others and the 3rd Dimensional games they continue to play, such as manipulation or control. You simply observe and understand where they are at. You forgive them for still being stuck in the old game or “programming”.

The next fifth Dimension sign is that you completely trust the higher perspective of Source Consciousness, or God, or the Universe, or whatever you prefer to call it. If difficulty shows up on your path, you know it is because there is a lesson to learn.

If others are unsavory towards you, you understand they are simply “mirroring” something still hidden in your Shadow Side, that needs to be cleared.

In the fifth Dimension, your sense of ego changes from that of taking offense and needing to be better than others, to an ego of questioning and moving forward. In a positive light, ego gets us unstuck and asks questions like, “Is this really what you want?” or “Are you growing how you’d like by doing this?”

5th Dimensional Beings Abilities

Beings with 5th Dimensional abilities are beginning to step into their power all over the world at a rapid rate. The 5D ascension process for Gaia, or Mother Earth is already underway, and with that has come many challenges of this “density leaving” period of time.

But, for those who have wisely ridden the wave of ascension energies to ascend into the 4th and 5th Dimensions – Many incredible abilities have developed. Here are but a few of the 5th Dimensional beings abilities that we now have much easier access to:

Greater Psychic Awareness

An obvious ability of a 5th Dimensional being is greater psychic awareness. Pure insight comes to those who are still and at ease. Part of the soul work required to elevate to that of a 5th Dimensional consciousness, or more of your true self will be done through Mindfulness Meditation.

In the 5th Dimension, the question is often answered where it is asked. You may ponder a question of how to do something, and Divine consciousness will immediately answer you either through Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, or Claircognizance.

The Ability to Move Through Time and Space

Although the 5th Dimensional ability to move through time and space exists in the dimension of the mind, it nonetheless exists. Although I believe one day it will be possible to project your consciousness and your body through time and space together, for now I have only experienced this ability during meditation, Astral Projection, or Lucid Dreaming.

I have experienced time travel while still safely lying in my bed to future possible timelines, parallel lives, and astral traveled to other parts of the world! Albert Einstein would be so proud!

The Ability to Manifest Lightning Fast

When you manifest from a place of ease, contentment, and joy – Your manifestations come to you much quicker and with greater ease! From a 5th Dimensional consciousness, manifesting your desires is easier because you aren’t blocked by the heavy baggage of the 3rd Dimension.

5th Dimensional Beings Bodies Heal Much Quicker

Guilt, fear, and shame are telltale signs that you are in a 3rd Dimensional state of consciousness. When carried for a short time, you can learn and grow from the heavy emotional baggage. But, when you begin to carry these lower vibrational states of being for years, the state of dis-ease often manifests as physical ailments.

Happier, lighter, 5th Dimensional beings heal faster because they carry less weight. Hope, joy, laughter, ease, and balance allow the body to heal quickly. Carrying pain, sorrow, sadness, fear, guilt, grief, or shame keeps your vibration low and doesn’t lend to a healing environment.

5th Dimensional Beings: Synopsis

The long-awaited New Golden Age of Light, or Age of Aquarius is now breaking through everywhere! We now have the ability to step into the 5th Dimension ourselves and rebuild our 5th Dimensional living light body!

It is an exciting time to be alive! But, with this excitement comes many challenges. The 3rd Dimensional “density” is leaving.

This means old structures will fight to cling to the power they’ve held and people will resist doing the work on themselves to become 5th Dimensional Masters.

However, with each person that Spiritually Awakens, and does the work to hold themselves in the 5th Dimension, more will see their example and willingly follow!

You change and your world changes! When you “shift”, you become a role model or beacon of light to shine brightly for others.

As always, spread the light!