FREE Printable Mood Tracker PDF (Mandala 2024)

This FREE printable mood tracker PDF comes in a mandala style and is available in both 8.26″ x 11″ to fit US letter size & A4 paper! The FREE printable mandala mood tracker is also available in A5 size to easily fit into your bullet journal (BUJO)!

How Can I Track My Mood?

Anxiety, stress, and fluctuations in mood are an inevitable part of life. You can track your mood in a variety of ways such as:

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  • Mood Tracker App
  • Printable Journal Mood Tracker Pages (Such as this one!)
  • Use a Monthly Calendar
  • Track your Mood in a Lined Notebook
  • You can even use a Mood Tracker Journal specifically made for tracking yearly moods.

How Do Mood Trackers Work?

Mood trackers work by you tracking your daily, weekly, and monthly emotions such as: Happy, Sad, Angry, Tired, Bored, etc. in a journal, bullet journal, notebook, on a calendar, or even on a simple sheet of paper.

Usually, mood trackers (such as this free one), contain a “key” where you can personalize the colors and moods you’d like to track.

mood tracker example
Fill in your own colors and moods you’d like to track in the “Key” section!

Once you fill in the key colors and moods that you’d like to track, begin tracking your mood daily (once in the a.m. & once in the p.m.).

How to Use a Printable Monthly Mood Tracker

Mood trackers are used as part of a journaling process to track your daily moods throughout the month. This helps make you aware of your moods and you may begin to see mood patterns during certain times of the month or season.

A good mood tracker allows you to track your mood twice daily. You may begin to notice things like Mondays are particularly hard for you, or that your menstrual cycle throws you out of whack!

With this insight, you can better plan your self-care activities to keep yourself balanced during your dips in mood.

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Why Do We Track Mood?

Keeping track of your daily moods, allows you to identify the triggers or events that throw you into a horrible mood.

Tracking your mood will allow you to keep track of things that may trigger your depression, stress, or anger.

Mood tracking is a mindful activity that helps you become more aware of things that either uplift you or pull you down.

Once you are aware of these things, you can avoid things or people that trigger unwanted emotions to arise.

Free Monthly Mood Tracker Printable 2024

This 100% FREE Monthly Mood Tracker Printable is easy to download or print! No social media follow or e-mail list sign-up required! It is my gift to you to help you track your daily moods and also, coloring the mandala helps with anxiety!

This is 100% free for your personal use, but please never sell or redistribute these, as they are owned and copyrighted by

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If you are new to journaling, you’ll want to get a Good Set of Markers!

Download or Print the FREE Printable Mandala Coloring Page Mood Tracker PDF

  • Click on the link below the picture to pull up the Daily Mood Tracker Printable PDF Template. =)
  • The FREE Mood Tracker template will open in a new internet window.
  • Mouse over the top right of your screen to either choose to download the .pdf template to your computer or click on the printer icon to print! (Note: You can print directly from this screen. You do not have to download the FREE Printable Mandala Mood Tracker to print it.)
  • If you choose to download your Mood Tracker PDF design, you can find the downloaded page in the bottom left corner of your internet window.
  • Click on it to open it.
  • The FREE daily mood tracker printable pdf file will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader (If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here).
  • Default paper size is 8.26″ x 11″ to fit both letter-size (US) & A4 (UK) paper!

Mood Tracker PDF Template

free printable mood tracker pdf

Download or Print the Free Mandala Mood Tracker PDF Template

FREE Printable Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

This is the smaller bullet journal (BUJO) free printable mood tracker! Simply print this mood tracker pdf for bullet journal size on any A5 paper to easily fit into your bullet journal and have a fun way to track your mood!

Download or Print the Mandala Mood Tracker PDF for Bullet Journals

And voila!

You have a FREE Printable Mood Tracker PDF that is sure to keep your moods in check!

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