101+ Positive Throat Chakra Affirmations for Healing (+ FREE Printable PDF!)

These powerful throat chakra affirmations have been carefully curated for clearing blockages in the throat chakra. These positive affirmations for the throat chakra are powerful tools for healing, repairing, and aligning your fifth chakra, or the Vishuddha chakra.

The throat chakra is represented by the color blue (crystal blue to be more specific), and is useful for all communication skills. These skills don’t just include coming up with the right words while speaking, but being a good listener as well.

Where is the Throat Chakra Located?

The throat chakra (5th chakra) begins at the base of the throat through the center of the throat and continues up to just under the chin. A healthy, spinning throat chakra allows for the authentic expression of your true self.

Signs of Throat Chakra Blockage

A balanced throat chakra will allow for the clear communication in not only this physical world, but also in the ethereal realms. These realms, or higher dimensions are where our souls travel each night as we sleep.

One night while sleeping, I traveled to one of these higher realms and tried to communicate with Archangel Metatron, but could barely speak or hear him! My underdeveloped and blocked throat chakra was the culprit, and I have since worked to improve my whole chakra system.

There are many signs of a throat chakra imbalance. An overactive throat chakra may be a result of gossiping, not listening, excessive talking, interrupting others, or speaking over others with a loud voice.

An underactive throat chakra may be a result of the opposite behaviors, such as shyness and self-confidence issues.

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Some throat chakra blockage signs are:

  1. Lack of effective communication – People are often confused by your speech, or you have trouble articulating how you really feel.
  2. A fear of speaking to strangers or in public – A blocked throat chakra can manifest in many ways, including finding it hard to communicate with strangers or new people.
  3. A fear of speaking up or standing up for yourself – Underactive or blocked throat chakras can make it difficult to express yourself to others. You may just bite your tongue or hold your tongue often to keep the peace.
  4. Sore throat – Gossiping or speaking ill of others uses low vibrational words that block the natural flow of energy in the throat chakra. If uncleared, this negative energy can get stuck in the chakra and cause coughs, sore throat issues, or colds to manifest physically.
  5. Problems with the thyroid gland – Since the thyroid resides within the throat chakra, increasing the flow of energy to the throat chakra center may help improve the thyroid’s function and ease overactive or underactive thyroid symptoms.

What is a Throat Chakra Affirmation?

Affirmations for the throat chakra are positive statements that imprint or “program” the human body with the vibrations of the words being spoken.

The spoken word is very powerful and creates positive change in this important energy center known as the throat chakra.

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Powerful Throat Chakra Affirmations

  1. My voice matters
  2. I am an excellent communicator
  3. I express myself openly from my heart
  4. I listen to and honor my inner voice
  5. I speak my truth with love
  6. My voice is powerful
  7. I communicate my feelings with ease
  8. I express myself with confidence
  9. What I have to say is valuable to others
  10. I clearly express my needs and desires
  11. My voice is strong and powerful
  12. It is safe for me to speak my truth
  13. I freely express who I am
  14. I express myself creatively
  15. I practice clear and open communication
  16. I allow divine wisdom to speak through me
  17. I listen to and honor my inner voice
  18. I speak my truth
  19. I speak with love
  20. My voice reflects my inner being
  21. I mean what I say
  22. I speak authentically
  23. I speak with kindness
  24. I know my truth
  25. I open my throat chakra now
  26. My throat chakra is clear and tuned
  27. My throat chakra flows in perfect balance
  28. I claim my freedom to speak
  29. I reclaim my voice as my own
  30. I belong here
  31. My voice belongs to me
  32. I honor my truth
  33. My voice deserves to be heard
  34. My voice is clear and strong
  35. My truth sets me free
  36. I speak up for myself
  37. My voice is needed in this world
  38. I write clearly
  39. Who I am comes across clearly
  40. My throat is healthy and strong
  41. My voice is strong
  42. My words are powerful
  43. I am courageous
  44. I think before I speak
  45. I respect my truth
  46. I am no longer a prisoner of other’s words
  47. I take ownership of my voice
  48. I reject any pressure to be silent
  49. I use light and positive words
  50. I speak with clarity
  51. I am strong in my truth
  52. I am free to be completely me
  53. My words add value to conversations
  54. My truth resonates with Universal truth
  55. My throat chakra spins with ease
  56. My voice is relaxed and calm
  57. Words flow easily to me
  58. Words flow easily through me
  59. My words have positive power
  60. When I speak, others listen
  61. I have integrity
  62. I speak calmly
  63. I speak plainly
  64. It’s safe to express my needs
  65. I am honest about who I am
  66. I breathe easily
  67. I am respected
  68. I speak from my center of power
  69. I speak with confidence
  70. I am comfortable with silence
  71. I don’t engage in gossip
  72. I choose my words carefully
  73. I choose my words with compassion
  74. I am comfortable with silence
  75. I give my full attention to whoever is speaking
  76. I am at ease when I speak
  77. I speak for me
  78. I speak for Universal truth
  79. I am truth
  80. I speak up for myself when necessary
  81. I am an excellent speaker
  82. I am a confident speaker
  83. I have a great sense of humor
  84. I only contribute to positive conversations
  85. I make eye contact while speaking to others
  86. My voice comes across as loving
  87. My voice comes across as kind
  88. I am allowed to be me
  89. I am allowed to talk
  90. I am clever
  91. I do not need permission to speak
  92. Clean and clear my throat chakra
  93. Heal my throat chakra
  94. Repair my throat chakra
  95. Align my throat chakra with Source Consciousness
  96. I speak firmly, but kindly
  97. I like talking to others
  98. I don’t speak over others
  99. I am a great conversationalist
  100. I know the right thing to say
  101. I make others feel comfortable with my ease
  102. It is ok to express my feelings with others
  103. I make eye contact when speaking to others
  104. My throat chakra is bright crystal blue and spinning freely

Throat Chakra Affirmations FREE Printable PDF

This FREE printable throat chakra affirmations pdf is an exact file of the brow chakra or throat chakra affirmations above.

If you are having trouble with clear communication, listening skills, social anxiety, or low self esteem – These 5th chakra affirmations are for you!

Also, if you have trouble speaking and hearing angels and guides clearly as your higher self or in the 5th Dimension and above, these positive affirmations will help you unblock your throat chakra.

This throat chakra affirmations pdf can be easily downloaded or printed and spoken aloud as part of your daily routine to restore a high self-esteem!

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Affirmations for the Throat Chakra: Synopsis

The affirmations above are powerful statements that will “program” the throat chakra to be strong and help you to express your true feelings from a place of love and inner wisdom.

Daily affirmations for the throat chakra can be added to any meditation practice or spiritual ritual to foster healthy communication in all of your important relationships.