25+ Magical Samhain Herbs (Traditional Sacred Plants for Halloween Spells!)

Samhain, pronounced “sow-in,” is a sacred festival that holds great significance in the Celtic tradition. This ancient holiday marks the transition from summer to winter, celebrating the liminal time when the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thin. Known as the Pagan New Year, Samhain is often referred to as Halloween in contemporary culture.

Herbs have always played a vital role in Samhain rituals and practices for Pagans. The plant kingdom is believed to hold immense power and wisdom, particularly during this sacred time.

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There are numerous magical plants and herbs associated with Samhain! Each of these possess unique qualities that aid in astral travel, divination, healing, protection, and contact with ancestors!

***Important Note: Many of these herbs are meant to be burned or used around an altar. Some herbs are toxic and CANNOT be ingested! Please consult with an herbologist or plant specialist BEFORE ingesting ANY herb!***

Magical Herbs for Samhain

samhain herbs
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Herb magic is the ancient and sacred art of harnessing the power of plants to create positive change and transformation in our lives.

The plant kingdom is abundant with herbs that possess incredible properties and energies, making them beautiful friends in our magical practices.

When working with herbs for Samhain, always remember to ask the plant before harvesting it. And then don’t forget to thank the plant for its medicine and assistance!

If you are buying the herbs online or from a store, offer gratitude for the herb and a prayer that the herb will uplift and assist you in your Samhain spellcasting!

There are several herbs used by Celtics and Pagans during Samhain, which is their New Year celebration. It is a time of gratitude for the harvest, honoring the dead, divination, letting go, and setting intentions for the New Year!

Below, is our list of herbs for Samhain, which is by no means exhaustive. Many of the herbs, flowers, and spices mentioned below cross multiple categories, such as sage, which can be used for protection and cleansing.

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When combining herbs to use on Samhain, consider getting a fun and witchy Mortar and Pestle Set like this one for your magical teas, altars, smudgings, and herbal protection blends!

Samhain Herbs for Protection


Used during Samhain for protection and warding off evil spirits. Best blessed and used at an altar, prayer circle, or thresholds such as windows and doors.


Used for protection, exorcism, and purification. Also used for healing and inner strength. Garlic, of course, can be ingested in a tea, used at an altar, and dried to put in wreaths and protection necklaces.

Evil spirits of Samhain and vampires beware!


Ginger is a magical root that I use daily! Besides protection from evil, ginger can be used to amplify one’s magic! It may also be used for love and money spells!


Often used in incense, rosemary, can also be ingested. It provides clarity of mind and assists in you in remembering past lives. You can also burn rosemary to cleanse, purify, and protect your home during Samhain!

Rosemary is also wonderful for divination, such as Scrying/Pendulum Dowsing, Runes, and Samhain Tarot Card Reading!


In my opinion, salt is one of the purest, most wonderful substances known to man! Sea salt provides beautiful flavor and minerals to the body, but salt can also be used for purification and protection in Samhain altar work and placed at your doors and windows as well!

Black salt is also great for protection, purification, and driving away evil spirits on Samhain or Halloween!


Another multi-purpose and edible Samhain herb, thyme protects, but also attracts love, increases good luck, and strengthens your powers of divination or vision questing for Samhain!

Samhain Herbs for Cleansing

Cedar Berries (aka: Juniper Berries)

Cedar berries make a wonderful tea for and are great for cleansing rituals and altars. Samhain is the Pagan New Year and a perfect time for letting go old energies.

Use cedar berries around your Witch Altar and in your spellwork to assist with this!

Marshmallow Root

Used in handfasting and cleansing ceremonies, marshmallow root also makes an incredible digestive aid. You can find it in most local health food and herbal stores, as well as on Amazon!

Palo Santo

While less traditionally used for Samhain, I’ve included Palo Santo on this list for cleansing and purification of the home because it is great at it!

I use a Smudging Home Kit and also love the smell!


Sage tops the list for cleansing herbs as it is PERFECT for Home Smudging! When smudging your home for protection and cleansing during Samhain, don’t forget closets, cracks, windows, and door frames!

Sage is a traditional and wonderful Samhain herb and can be used for healing, purification, and spirituality!

Samhain Herbs for Connecting with Ancestors (or Recent Departed Loved Ones!)

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are great in Samhain soups and stews and I have also used bay leaves for Samhain Rituals and Spells!

You can also chew the bay leaf to enhance your psychic abilities with the intention of connecting to your ancestors or loved ones on Samhain!


Another classic, traditional, and very authentic herb for Samhain is mugwort! This beautiful herb can be used for divination (tuning into psychic abilities), healing, deep insight, and meditation.

Mugwort is said to enhance psychic visions, lucid dreaming, and astral travel. It is the perfect herb for your ancestor altar or connection to your ancestors on Samhain night!


Often used in love spells, rose also sends a beautiful message of love to your ancestors and departed loved ones!

You may drink rose petal tea or sprinkle rose water or petals around a Samhain ancestor altar.


When burned, wormwood has been said to summon the dead, but be careful to do this outside as the fumes may be toxic!

It can also be used to enhance psychic abilities, remove anger, and for protection.

Samhain Herbs for Divination

Dittany of Crete

Dittany of crete is a lesser known Samhain herb used for communication and divination.


I have been using lavender for over a decade for calming, healing, and sleep. But, I also use it for its assistance in connecting with Divine guidance during meditation.


One of my favorite Samhain herbs for lucid dreaming, astral travel, and tapping into the Divine during meditation is yarrow!

This beautiful flower calms and soothes the body while enhancing your psychic skills. Yarrow makes a beautiful tea and is also great to put a satchel under your pillow for enhanced dreaming and psychic visions.

Samhain Herbs for Love Spells


Traditionally used for love magic and spells, chives grow wild in many areas, but can also be found at most grocery and health food stores.


Cloves are a perfect spice for Samhain season and are, of course, edible. They make a wonderful addition to Samhain drinks and teas!

A well-rounded herb, cloves are traditionally used during Samhain as a love spell, protection spell, strengthening of one’s psychic gifts, and prosperity spells as well!

Rose Petals

The sweet smell and gentle beauty of rose petals can be used in any Samhain love spell to attract your ideal soul mate!

One that will treat you as kindly as you deserve!


Vanilla is edible, brings peace and tranquility, but also can be used in authentic love spells for Samhain! Try adding real vanilla bean or extract to teas, potions, or around your altar to cast your magical spell calling for romance!

Samhain Herbs for Letting Go and Transformation


Burdock can be used for both cleansing and protection magic. It can also be used in healing and determination/persistence spells!


Although typically associated with Beltane, Hawthorn wood can also be used for a rebirth spell during Samhain!

Samhain Herbs for Abundance and Prosperity


Broom has been traditionally used during Samhain for invoking good fortune!


A powerful healing herb for Samhain, clove also attracts money, prosperity, abundance, and good fortune!


Used at Samhain, fumitory is a powerful herb associated with the underworld and is great for money spells!


Strong and invigorating, mint is a perfect herb for casting your own Samhain money spells!


Besides mugwort, cinnamon is probably the most popular Samhain herb, as it has soooo many uses in spells!

Cinnamon can be used for increasing psychic abilities, astral projection, meditation, success, good luck, protection, healing, strength, AND prosperity or money spells!

Add cinnamon to your altars, teas, Samhain meal and treats, and any spells you may want to cast on Samhain night!

25+ Magical Samhain Herbs (Authentic Sacred Plants for Rituals & Spells): Conclusion

When practicing herb magic during Samhain, it is essential to approach the process with respect and reverence.

Take the time to research each herb’s properties and traditional uses, and consider incorporating them into spells, rituals, or divination practices that align with your intentions for Samhain.

Remember to focus on your intentions and embrace the transformative energy of this sacred time!

Whether you seek ancestral guidance, protection, or personal evolution, harnessing the power of herb magic can enrich your Samhain celebrations and deepen your spiritual connections.

And, as always, spread the light!


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