Natural Cough and Cold Remedies for Toddlers and Babies

Natural Homeopathic Cough and Cold Remedies for Babies and Toddlers! Is your baby having trouble sleeping because of a runny nose or cough? Want to know what is even safe for a baby with a cough? These safe natural tips and tricks will help you get rid of your child’s cold quickly!

It’s tough when your little ones are sick, especially toddlers and babies! Our hearts break as they hack, cry, can’t breathe from congestion, and run fevers. We look for things that will offer even a little bit of relief as home remedies to get them better fast!

So, I’ll share my favorite natural cough & cold remedies for toddlers and babies… Most adult cold remedies are too strong for babies or toddlers, but these are natural and safe!

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If you get do nothing else from this post, give your 1-yr-olds and older This Syrup!

This has been an immune system game-changer for my kids for almost a year!

And, I personally recommend and take These Gummies for Adults.

I cannot claim that it will work this well for everyone, but since taking these things we haven’t had so much as a sniffle in almost a year!

Natural/Home Cough Remedies for Toddlers and Babies:

For toddlers over the age of 1, Honey comes highly recommended to help with cough and sore throat. Honey is also antibacterial to help your little one fight the infection.

I like Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Cough Syrup Mucus for my 2-yr-old, and Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Cough Syrup Mucus for my 9-month-old. The children’s brand contains dark honey for cough and ivy leaf for mucus. The baby version has agave for cough (since you should never give honey to children under one year of age), and ivy leaf for mucus.

For moms looking for a more cost-effective solution, try simply giving your toddler Organic, raw honey and your baby Organic agave.

I mix a little filtered water into both to make them a little less sticky and give to my children in a syringe, just like the one that comes with the Zarbee’s brand. You can find super cute character liquid dose syringes for kids Here. You can give honey/agave every 4 – 5 hours as needed for cough.

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Natural/Home Congestion Remedies for Toddlers and Babies:

Babies especially have super small bronchial tubes and bronchioles to breathe through. One tip I got from my pediatrician is to gently tap your little ones back with your first three fingers to loosen congestion in your babies’ airways.

Another great little device I’ve found this past cold season is the NoseFrida Snotsucker Baby Nasal Aspirator. When your little one can’t breathe but obviously can’t blow their nose, a nasal aspirator is a must!

We have used ours a few times since our 9-month-old was born and it has worked magic for clearing her passages enough to sleep!

One recommendation from me would be to upgrade to the Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator, that start at just a few dollars more than the manual powered version.

natural cold remedies for toddlers
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A mom friend of mine told me about the NoseFrida and that using the power of your mouth to suck snot out of your child’s nose was no big deal.

Ha! I gag every time I do it.

Logically, I know there is a filter and my mouth is protected from their snot, but it still makes me gag every time. I really wish I had bought the battery powered and saved myself the gagging!

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The next tool I use is Baby Chest Rub such as Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub. Safe for infants and toddlers 3 months and older, this rub gently comforts with eucalyptus, chamomile, and lavender.

Another must for loosening congestion during cold, dry winter months is a Good Humidifier. Humidifiers work by filling the air with more moisture. More moisture helps ease dry, scratchy coughs, and lubricate bronchial tubes.

A good rule of thumb is placing a humidifier directly in your child’s bedroom while they sleep and will provide lovely white noise to slumber to. They are also safe for pets, as well as children of all ages. (Nasal congestion, n.d.)

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Keeping your children upright will also help them to breathe and not get mucus stuck in their nose and throat. This keeps their passageways clearer by allowing mucus to drain.

You can elevate your baby’s head safely with a Crib Wedge and your toddler’s head with a pillow (if they don’t already sleep with one).

Natural/Home Fever Remedies for Toddlers and Babies:

Fevers are our bodies natural defense against bacteria and viruses. Most bacteria and viruses can easily survive while our bodies are at their normal temperature of 98.6 F. However, they typically start to die off at elevated temperatures.

If your child is 3 months or older, fevers of up to 102.5 F are pretty common, but not necessarily worrisome. I apply Cold Water Washcloths to their Foreheads, (sometimes stomachs) and monitor their temperatures closely. You can also try these cool Fever Relief Gel Sheets for kids! (Cleveland Clinic).

Be sure to call a doctor immediately about your child’s cold/fever if:

  • An infant younger than 3 months of age develops a fever. Fevers may be your infant’s only response to a serious illness.
  • Your child’s fever lasts more than five days.
  • Your child’s fever is higher than 104 F (> 40 C).
  • Your child’s fever does not come down with fever reducers.
  • Your child is not acting like him or herself, is difficult to arouse, or is not drinking enough fluids. Babies who are not wetting at least four diapers/day and older children who are not urinating every 8 to 12 hours may become dangerously dehydrated.
  • Your child was recently immunized and has a temperature above 102 F or a fever for more than 48 hours.
  • You are concerned. If you are uncomfortable, for any reason, with your child’s temperature or illness, please consult your pediatrician or nurse practitioner to discuss it. (Cleveland Clinic)

Strengthen your Baby or Toddler’s Immune System:

I could NOT live without Elderberry Syrup for my little ones! This is a post update, and I am including it now because I have found elderberry to be leaps and bounds ABOVE the other measures I’ve tried!

According to WebMD, a study showed elderberry to shorten flu symptoms by as much as 4 days! That is forever in toddler time!

Last fall, my then, 1-year-old & 3-year-old came down with a nasty flu! Again, I felt helpless and started them on probiotics, vitamin D & zarbee’s agave or honey medicine to ease their coughs & mucus.

BUT, when I was half asleep, the word “Elderberry” loudly came to me! I began giving my children This Syrup (That you can give for 1 and older), and they got better very fast…

I also decided to give them a small dose every day even after they got better and they haven’t had so much as a sniffle since last November. That was almost a year ago!

For babies, I also recommend a blend of Vitamin D with Probiotics drops. Vitamin D and Probiotics both support a healthy immune and digestive systems. Vitamin D also helps build strong bones and teeth.

For toddlers ages 2 and up, you can simply find a good gummy vitamin with Vitamins D and probiotics included. I personally use Smarty Pants Organics Toddler Complete.

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The Easiest Recommendation of All – Lots of Snuggles!

Baby Cough Cold Natural Remedy / Toddler Cold Flu Homeopathic Remedy

When my 2-week-old baby came down with the flu, I was mortified! I, of course, reached into my toolkit of prayer and then meditating to receive answers as to how to best help my little one!

I took her to our pediatrician and he monitored her breathing, tapped her back to loosen phlegm, and prescribed lots of breastfeeding/fluids, keeping her head elevated, and rest.

All typical and expected answers. But, a surprising answer came to me during meditation, which was lots of touching.

Therapeutic Touch, as it’s known in the scientific community, has been shown to produce positive effects on the immune systems of mice, and has been shown to decrease stress, anxiety, and pain in adults as well as children. (Gronowicz, Secor, Flynn, Jellison, & Kuhn, 2015) (Hanley, 2008)

Whatever the scientific evidence may be, it just feels amazing to snuggle, massage, and caress your little one back to health!

More Intuitive Guidance Received for Baby & Toddler Colds/Coughs

If you are breastfeeding, things are simpler. When my baby got sick, I kept being intuitively shown during meditation that whatever I took, my baby got as well.

You can take more Vitamin C, zinc, and garlic to help your baby get better faster. Also drink more water and eat lots of fruits and veggies while your baby is healing.

Another Piece of Intuitive Guidance for Easing Baby/Toddler Colds & Flus

Another piece of intuitive guidance I received was detox bathing my little ones. Everyone has probably heard of an Epsom Salt & Baking Soda bath to help pull toxins out of your little ones, but my intuitive guidance had a bit of a twist. It was to use holy water in the bath as well.

Not being from a religion that uses holy water, I was a bit skeptical, but always try to keep an open mind. And I was also desperate to help my baby and toddler heal faster! There are many ways to make holy water, but I use this one with filtered water and sea salt: YouTube – Make Holy Water

I made the first holy water I’ve ever made in my life! (The things we parents do for our children!) I added a little to my kid’s bath water and also added a little to my toddler’s sippy cup.

I used this baby/toddler cold & flu trick last winter combined with the other remedies multiple times and my kid’s weren’t sick for very long!

At the first signs of a cold or flu coming on for your child, throw them straight in the detox bath. Then you can use the other tricks in the post, including lots of fluids (especially water), rest, and better nutrition to help them eliminate the cold or flu virus.

***Please, please, please – If your child is having trouble breathing, has any of the fever problems listed above, or any other issues that you think may need immediate medical attention – Take them to the doctor or emergency room.

Pray and listen to your own instincts if your child is suffering longer or you are concerned for any reason – A good pediatrician or natural medicine pediatrician are great options!***

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Learning to pray and meditate for answers is key to keeping me happy, healthy, and balanced. Find out more about DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC GIFTS and receiving intuitive guidance here…

Have you tried any of the above tricks for your babies and toddlers colds? How have they worked for you? Do you have any other baby or toddler cough & cold remedies that work well? Leave a comment below!

** Medical Disclaimer. … This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. **

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