55+ SMART Eco-Friendly & Natural Baby Gift Ideas

SMART list of 55+ Eco-friendly baby shower gifts & natural organic baby products! This list includes socially conscious & sustainable baby gifts for new green parents. Great gift ideas for friends or creating your own natural, organic, eco-friendly baby registry! #natural baby #baby #babyshowergifts #babyneeds #naturalbabycare #naturalbaby
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SMART list of 55+ Eco-friendly baby shower gifts & natural organic baby products! This list includes socially conscious & sustainable baby gifts for new green parents.

These environmentally friendly & non-toxic baby products make great shower gifts for natural moms!

You’re sure to find the perfect ECO-Friendly, organic & natural baby products your friends will love!

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Eco-Friendly Diapering

Natural Plant-Based Wet Wipes

The Honest Company Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes. Plant-based, biodegradable, fragrance/chlorine-free and disposable baby wet wipes! Need we say more!

Caboo Tree-free Natural Bamboo Baby Wipes. Tree-free, eco-friendly, chemical-free, and made from organically grown bamboo that is not a food source for Pandas! These natural baby wet wipes are great! We looove this company!

Natural Plant-Based Diapers

My favorite plant-based diapers are Pampers Pure Protection! I put about 5 natural diaper brands to the test and these came out on top.

These natural diapers worked especially well for newborns (when everything leaks!)

They were also the only natural brand I found that still had a wetness indicator. If your friends are first time parents, the wetness indicator is a must for gauging when a diaper needs changing. They even had a cut-out belly button notch for newborns!

Diapers are a great gift option since new green parents can never have enough diapers and wipes!

Another good plant-based diaper brand I tried was Seventh Generation (Cute natural looking prints, decent protection, fresh smell even when soiled, although my husband termed them paper towel diapers!) These will leak a bit if not secured square and pulled tight.

The Honest Company diapers are plant-based and boast a true absorb technology. Eco-friendly, sustainable, plant-derived materials.

As with Pamper Pure Protection, these diapers handled a 12-hour overnight test without leaking! Even though they were extremely wet!

They also sell a 12-hour version as well, that I never tried.

Like Seventh Generation, the Honest Company diapers felt a bit stiff, and were nowhere near as soft as Pampers Pure Protection.

Reusable Washable Cloth Diapers Set

If your friends are full eco-friendly and sustainable, try giving them a cloth diapers set! This beautiful set of cloth diapers from Nora’s Nursery come in different colors, grow with the baby, and come with bamboo inserts and a wet bag that holds up to 8 wet diapers!

Reusable & Washable Baby Wipes

These reusable & washable 12-pack of baby wipes from Babygoal are made from sustainable bamboo. They can be used for diapering, face & hand cleaning & bathing! They are more absorbent and dry faster than flannel as well!

You can’t go wrong with giving a diaper/wet wipe combo for new parents!

Organic Diaper Rash Cream

I am all about organic food and creams for my babies! If it isn’t organic, the pesticides and other chemicals will absorb through your baby’s delicate skin.

Earth Mama and e-raorganics offer great options for organic diaper rash treatment!

Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Diaper Bags & Sacks

Hathaway 250 count 100% Biodegradable Bags come in a pop-up dispenser box and have baking soda to control odors!

Tadge Goods 200 count 100% Biodegradable Diaper Sacks have lavender & baking soda to control odors!

Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Changing Pad Liners

BlueSnail Organic Cotton Waterproof Changing Pad Liners are absorbent, antibacterial, eco-friendly and waterproof!

Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Organic Cotton Changing Pad Liner are soft and certified organic! Plus, they get softer each time you wash them!

100% Recycled Materials Diaper Bags

The Lassig Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag is made from 100% recycled polyester.

It comes with a changing pad, zip pouch, insulated removable bottle holder, and a removable compartment for baby food or stroller hooks!

It comes in 8 beautiful colors, including black and gray!

The Lassig Green Label Mix ‘n Match Diaper Bag is a popular seller and is also made from 100% recycled polyester!

It also comes with a water-repellent changing pad, zip pouch, insulated removable bottle holder, detachable key fob, and a removable compartment for baby food or stroller hooks!

It boasts 3 different types of straps so parents can choose how they want to carry it and is available in 5 great colors including: Black, Blue, Light Gray and Rose Pink!

A great choice for any eco-friendly parent to be!

Eco-Friendly & Natural Skin Care

Organic Nipple Cream

I personally use Earth Mama Organic Nipple Cream and it is great! So soothing, and I know if my baby gets some in her mouth, she’ll be just fine!

Other great organic options include Motherlove Organic Nipple Cream and Tiny Human Supply Co’s Nipple Crack (which say it’s habit forming Nipple Balm! LOL!)

The Honest Company 2-Piece Dreamy Lavender Shampoo with Body Wash & Lotion Bundle

Made with organic oils, the Honest Company delivers a duo of Calming Lavender Shampoo + Body Wash & Face + Body Lotion.

Lavender is great for calming down a fussy baby before naps or bedtime!


A Little Something for Baby Natural Gift Set by Earth Mama

Includes Organic Diaper Balm, Calendula Baby Oil, Sweet Orange Baby Wash, Sweet Orange Baby Lotion & Organic Baby Face, Nose & Cheek Balm!

Comes beautifully packaged, so no additional wrapping paper is needed!

Organic Baby Lotion

BareBaby Organics Premium Moisturizing Lotion gently hydrates with aloe vera, coconut oil, chamomile, calendula and jojoba!

It is safe, non-toxic and contains no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or dyes.

Best of all, it is fragrance-free and eczema friendly for newborn’s delicate skin!

Baby Mee Bee Gentle Baby Body Lotion contains organic aloe & shea butter and is infused with pure honey.

Baby Mee can be used on little one’s dry sensitive skin, as well as with eczema!

Organic Baby Eczema Relief Oils & Creams

COCONUT BABY OIL Organic Moisturizer – Vitamin E for Hair and Skin Care blends organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, and grape seed oil.

It can be used on cradle cap, eczema, diaper rash, and even stretch marks!

MANUKA PEOPLE Organic Manuka Honey Intense Moisture Baby Skin Cream.

Natural organic ingredient manuka honey cream is perfect for young, sensitive baby skin.

It effectively treats diaper rash, eczema, and will not sting even the most irritated skin or deep cuts and bruises!

**Not all baby lotions are created equal! I ordered a non-organic big brand lotion for my baby’s eczema that just made it worse.

After making my own organic DIY eczema cream, which included honey, it went away like magic!**

Eco-Friendly Baby Bath Gifts

Organic Wash Cloths

Burt’s Bees Baby – Super Soft 100% Organic Cotton Washcloths are GOTS certified and 100% Organic Cotton!

Pupiki Organic Bamboo Baby Washcloths are gentle on sensitive skin. They include a bonus machine washable set and come in 4 cute colors!

100% Organic Baby Muslin Cotton Washcloths are super soft and come in a 5-pack of adorable colors!

Eco Baby Bath Toys

Green Toys Tide Pool Bath Set is made from 100% recycled plastic and contains no BPA or phthalates!

Green Toys My First Tug Boat is made from 100% recycled plastic and contains no BPA or phthalates! Plus, the little ones can scoop and pour water out (which they looove to do!)

Natural Baby Bath Wash

Babyology’s Tear-Free Baby Wash & Shampoo contains Organic Rose Water and is 100% edible!

BareBaby’s Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash with Aloe, Cucumber, Citrus Essential Oils is Safe, Gentle, Tear Free & Eczema Friendly!

Organic Bamboo Baby Towel with Hood

These Premium Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel’s are sure to be any new green mom’s to be favorite bath item!

They are adorable, ultra-plush and as an added bonus, bamboo has antimicrobial properties.


This Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel, Bib and Toy Bear Sponge Set by Herblandia make the perfect natural mom baby shower gift!

Organic bamboo is natural, antibacterial, hypoallergenic! It is also free of chemicals and dyes, resistant to odors, and ideal for baby’s sensitive skin!

The adorable bear is also made of organic bamboo and can be used as a bath toy or sponge!

Eco Friendly Baby Grooming Gift Ideas

Natural Soft Baby Brush Set

The PomPerfect Infant Brush and Comb Set has been made with organic natural goat hair bristles and eco-friendly beech wood.

They use a natural “glue”-like material in place of hazardous gluing, which may shed a little at first, but is amazingly eco-friendly as well!

Bamboo Baby Toothbrush & Organic Toothpaste

Rain’s Organic Bamboo Baby Toothbrush is BPA-Free, Biodegradable & has Extra Soft Bristles.

ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE – Made from organic, biodegradable bamboo wood & packaged in recyclable unbleached craft packaging – This toothbrush is smooth to the touch, naturally antimicrobial, strong and won’t splinter!

Hello’s Organic Fluoride-Free Baby & Toddler Toothpaste is what I personally use on my little ones!

It is organic, safe if swallowed, and free from artificial sweeteners, sugar, artificial flavors, dyes, triclosan, SLS/sulfates, parabens, fluoride, dairy and gluten.

In fact, I let them chew on a little of this on their toothbrushes when they were teething (since neither one liked teething toys).

Sustainable, Natural & Eco-Friendly Mealtime Baby Gifts

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray – Available in lots of colors, this high chair is BPA-free, latex-free & has anti-microbial protection.

The BPA-free plastic tray cover is dishwasher safe and helps with easy clean up.

Made of environmentally friendly Rubber wood, the wooden high chair provides a sturdy base that will resist tipping and maintains durability to last the test of time and the messiest eaters.

As children grow, the seat and foot plates can be adjusted to create the perfect seat, making it last a really long time!

Eco-Friendly Baby Bamboo Dinnerware Set

Make mealtime fun with these cute sustainable, non-toxic baby dinnerware sets!

I loooove this cute Bamboo Suction Bowl with Matching Spoon Set from Bamboo Bamboo!

Every parent knows that babies pick up their bowls of food and promptly dump them out! The suction cup stops this from happening and keeps food in the bowl where it belongs.

Made from all natural bamboo, this set comes in 6 adorable colors!

Recycled Baby Sippy Cup

Re-Play 3pk No Spill Sippy Cups are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs!

These cups are BPA, BPS, Phthalate, PVC and Melamine FREE, plus are microwave and dishwasher safe!

Eco Friendly Baby Utensils

Bamboo Baby Feeding Spoons Set – Features Soft Silicone Tips that are easily removed for washing.

These spoons are 100% BPA, Plastic, Phthalate & Lead Free!

Miniware Natural Mao 2-pk Bamboo Cutlery Set are Eco-Friendly, BPA-Free & include 2 cute carrying cases for meals on the go!

Organic Baby Bibs

These adorable Organic Infinity Scarf Bibs by Kishu Baby are 100% organic cotton muslin.

They are luxuriously soft, super absorbent, and ethically made without harmful chemicals or toxins!

Green Sprouts Muslin Bibs made from 100% Organic Cotton are super soft, machine washable, and have 4 absorbent layers!

Reusable Food Pouches

Reusable Baby Food Storage Pouches by Baby Brezza are easy to fill, easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe!

Made from high quality, food-grade plastic, and includes a child-safe cap. BPA-FREE, Phalate-FREE & Lead-FREE!

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

Everything you need to make your own baby food! – Cup & bowl are made from BPA-free & non-toxic plastic and is phthalate-free.

Natural Eco-Friendly Glass Baby Bottles 

Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle Baby Gift Set fits the bill with this durable glass baby bottle set with multiple bottle and nipple sizes!

Beautiful, easy to wash and sterilize! Comes with anti-colic technology, ultra-soft nipples, protective insulation sleeve, and two hospital grade silicone pacifiers!


The Big Book of Organic Baby Food

A must-have book for any eco-friendly parent looking to make their own fresh organic baby food without preservatives and added sugar!

Includes recipes for: Baby Purées, Finger Foods, and Toddler Meals For Every Stage!

Socially Conscious Baby Clothing Gifts

Organic Cotton Onesies

These adorable Unisex Onesies from Burt’s Bees Baby are made with 100% organic cotton and are great for baby’s sensitive skin!

These Touched by Nature Footed Sleep n Play Jumpers are made with Organic Cotton and come 12 adorable styles for both boys and girls!

Eco Friendly Baby Hangers

Pear Tree Trade Co. Bamboo Baby Hangers are eco-friendly, sustainable, and beautifully crafted!

They are the perfect size for baby and toddler’s clothing and are notched for slip-proof hanging.

Natural Organic Baby Carriers

This cute Boba Baby Carrier is made with 100% organic cotton.

It is durable, machine washable, super simple to use, and comes in 10 great styles/colors, including all gray!

It even comes with an insert for newborns as small as 7 lbs!

Another great option for those who’d like to try a baby wrap, is this Organic Cotton Baby Wrap by Blara Organic House.

It is organic cotton, adjusts to fit women of all sizes, and holds babies up to 33 lbs.

Eco Friendly Baby Toys for Green Parents

Who doesn’t love giving baby toys for gifts to new moms! And with so many amazing eco-friendly options now available, it’s hard to choose just one!

Baby Rattle made with Eco Sustainable Materials

This Montessori Styled Baby Rattle by Homi Baby is made from organic wood and sealed with organic virgin coconut oil!

It also doubles as a teether for little ones!

You can’t go wrong getting a shape sorter for a baby shower gift! Babies and toddlers love them!

And this Eco-friendly Shape Sorter from Green Toys is made from 100% recycled plastic!

It also contains no BPA, phthalates, PVC, or external coatings and is dishwasher safe!

Another option from Green Toys is this My First Stacker Set made with recycled milk jugs!

Another great eco-friendly, non-toxic baby toy is this Wooden Stacking Shape Sorter Board from Boxiki Kids.

Organic Cotton stuffed animals are all the rage and this cute Organic Stuffed Cat from Bless Nature is adorable!

Natural Wood Baby Blocks

Environmentally friendly, sustainably harvested, and non-toxic – Maxim Deluxe’s Wooden ABC Blocks make a great eco-friendly baby shower gift!

Baby’s love stacking and knocking over things and these blocks are perfect to keep little ones away from household items!

This eco-friendly Soft Foam Baby Play Mat by INEX Life has a fence to keep babies corraled and is contains no BPA, latex, formaldeyde, phthalates, or PVC.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Baby Books

No eco-friendly baby toy list would be complete without books! Yes, they even make recycled books for babies and kids!

Don’t Throw That Away!: A Lift-the-Flap Book about Recycling and Reusing

The book itself is also made from 100% recycled materials!

F.&.D’s 4-pack Soft Baby Books are Eco-Friendly and made out of fabric!

They are safe, non-toxic, and harmless if chewed (which babies will!)

Eco-Friendly My First Twelve Months Baby Memory Book & Journal is a cute way to keep baby’s first important milestones!


Eco & Organic Baby Teething Solutions

Eco-Friendly Baby Teethers

2-Piece Natural Organic Wood Bunny Ear Teething Rings by GloGlow are made of natural wood, eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for baby use!

Eco-Friendly Organic Wooden Animal Teething Ring by Hi Baby Moment is raw, unpainted, and non-toxic! 

Green Toys Twist Teether Toy is made in the USA from 100% food-safe recycled plastic milk containers.

Green Toys manufacturing processes also save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural Eco-Friendly Baby Tooth Pain Relievers

Punkin Butt Teething Oil is made with organically grown herbs (Chamomile, Peppermint and Clove) infused into organic carrier oils!

Punkin butt uses only BPA-free or amber glass bottles as well! We love this company!

Organic Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklaces by LATITATA CRAFT are 100% organic, handcrafted, and provide anti-inflammatory relief for baby’s tooth pain!

Eco-Friendly & Natural New Mom Breastfeeding Solutions

Organic Cotton 360 Degree Nursing Cover

I never nursed in public with my first child! It was muuuch too cumbersome!

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With my 2nd, someone gave me this Organic Cotton 360-degree Stretchy Nursing Cover and my world changed! I was able to go everywhere with my 2nd baby, including on a long plane trip, and breastfeed with confidence!

As an added bonus, they can be used as a car seat cover or worn as a scarf!

Eco-Friendly Organic Nursing Pads

This 8-Pack Washable Organic Nursing Pads by Kindred Bravely are reusable, come with a carrying bag and 100% organic bamboo!

More Organic Nipple Cream

Any new breastfeeding mother will tell you the first month is rough on the nipples! And also very painful until you get your latch down! Organic nipple creams saved me during this time!

Badger Organic Nursing Balm is great for mom and baby!

I’ve used this nipple cream for my lips, nipples, hands, and my baby’s dry skin as well!


Organic Burp Cloths

A variety of company’s offer cute 100% organic styles and colors of burp cloths to pick from!

Manual Breast Pump

For eco-friendly new parents who want to cut down on electrical use, a manual breast pump may be just right!

I love my Lansinoh Breast Pump, and they make a Manual Lansinoh Breast Pump with Stimulation & Expression Modes! So you can choose between let down & expression settings!

It even include 2 flange sizes, and a nipple and lid that screw right onto the expressed milk bottle!

Organic Nursing Pillow

Another must-have on any new green parents registry should be a nursing pillow. (I couldn’t have lived without mine. Your arm gets sooo tired!)

This Organic Caboose Nursing Pillow is made from 100% Organic Cotton inside and out!

Eco-Friendly Nursing Night Light

You want a soft ambient light when babies wake up in the night to breastfeed, and this Cordless Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Remote Control is perfect!

It is powered by a USB charge and built-in battery, so it is energy saving with low power consumption!

The remote control is great for new co-sleeping moms who don’t want to fully wake their stirring little ones (or themselves!)

You just tap a remote and you can see to roll over and pop a boob in your baby’s mouth while still laying down!

Plus, it has 15 beautiful colors you can change it to!