11 Surprising Soulmate Sex Signs (The Spiritual Connection Most are Missing)

Could your best friend and romantic partner actually be your sexual soulmate? I have only had a couple of sexual relationships, and have recently learned that my current spouse is my soulmate.

I probably should’ve guessed that my spouse was my soulmate. We have great sex, intense feelings, a long term relationship, and the mutual respect required for a soulmate level type of connection.

But, I never believed in soulmates before a vivid vision of my spouse appeared in a Mindfulness Meditation session, and I clairaudiently heard, “Soulmate”. Now, I’ve been Developing my Psychic Skills for over a decade after a near-death experience left me Clairaudient, and the Universe never thought to tell me that my amazing husband was actually my soulmate?

Even though I’ve read many describe a sexual relationship with a soulmate as NOT always being the transcendent, timeless, head-over-heels, endless love that you see in the movies – My marriage to my soulmate is exactly that!

So, this makes me wonder if others are mistaking a kindred soul for their soulmate. While some may view soulmate sex vs kindred soul sex as a po-tay-to/po-tit-o type of thing – I believe there are massive differences! As I’ve experienced both.

There are many soulmate signs to watch out for, but some of the soulmate sex signs are downright incredible!

Even though I don’t consider myself an expert in sex by any means, there are some surprising differences I’ve noticed during sex with a soulmate vs a kindred soul.

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11 Surprising Soulmate Sex Signs (The Sexual Connection Most are Missing)

Finding your soulmate AND getting to have a hot, steamy, sex life with them is the most beautiful thing I can think of! And once you find that you and your mate are true soulmates, your sexual needs will be more than met when you keep the lines of communication open and honest in the bedroom.

couple with foreheads together portraying soulmate sex showing the intimate bond between sexual soulmate relationships
A sexual relationship with a soulmate extends far beyond the physical – Into the emotional and spiritual bodies

1. Full Body Tingles

The sexual chemistry between soulmates is undeniably intoxicating. Similar to twin flames, your sexual soulmate triggers intense feelings on not only a physical level, but an energetic one. This book explains twin flames and soulmates in greater detail.

A lot of people who have been married for any length of time, start to view any sexual activity as a chore. They have a hard time getting in the mood when sex isn’t new anymore, but has become rather stagnant.

But, soulmate sex will light your mind, spirit, and body on fire – Triggering full body goosebumps that can only be described as transcendent.

P.S. My husband wanted me to add “Sign #1: He bites your bum (But not too hard!)” LOL! The man is hilarious!

2. An Almost Telepathic Connection

Good sex turns into great sex when your life partner happens to be your soulmate. One of the biggest problems couples experience is a lack of sexual satisfaction by one or more partners, simply because we are too embarrassed to share our sexual desires.

When you are in tune with your soulmate, you have the uncanny ability to read your partner’s mind, and fulfill their wants, needs, and desire to try new things before they even have to voice it.

3. It’s Mutually Agreed Upon

Sex partners can be a dime a dozen, and not all sexual partners care if you are enjoying their sexual style. Soulmates care. Plain and simple. About everything you are feeling, experiencing, and wanting.

They provide a safe space for you to experience a next level sex life by loving and seeing you for who you truly are, on the inside. The right person will see and feel your beautiful soul, and that is what they focus on.

Not whether your hair and makeup are perfect, or whether you’ve gained some baby weight. They see and love you for you, and mutually agree upon every aspect of your sexual experience, which leads to the deepest type of connection.

4. You Long for Your Soulmates Touch Again

An intimate relationship with a soulmate means a healthy relationship. Although you long for their touch, their smile, their toe-curling pleasure again – It is not in a needy or clingy way.

They simply brighten the room for you when they enter it, and both of you know that a soulmate bond extends way beyond a karmic relationship, or kindred soul (Souls who continue to incarnate with each other, again and again, for learning and growth).

You feel like you can’t get close enough to your soulmate simply through touch though, as if it’s not quite enough, and sooner, rather than later, you guys are spelunking again!

5. Sex Invigorates You

Your soulmates sexual energy invigorates you. It is the feeling you get during a lightning storm, or for those of you who are less daring, the feeling around a waterfall.

Since sex is simply a sharing of energy, your primary soulmates true love for you uplifts and energizes your body, mind, and soul. Sex used to make me tired, but sex with my soulmate makes me feel more awake, energized, and ready to take on the world!

Late night sex often leads to wanting to stay up till 2 a.m., feeding each other chocolates, and staring into each others eyes, while still floating on the cloud that you experience during another soulmate sex connection.

6. You Completely Trust Your Soulmate

There are no awkward moments with a soul mate connection, which especially holds true in your sex lives.

Different than twin flame relationships that can be volatile, tumultuous, and spin you out of control, a soulmate relationship is built on trust and mutual respect. (Although twin flames can get to a place of deep love and trust eventually).

Your soulmate will treat you better than any other person on the planet, which is how lasting love should be and feel.

7. Crying Tears of Joy When Finished

Your sexual soulmate relationship goes beyond just casual sex on a first date. You know, like deep down in your soul know that this partner or spouse will give you unconditional love for the rest of your life.

There is something so profoundly beautiful about knowing this about your sexual partner, that you can’t help but cry tears of joy when the deed is over, especially if you’ve locked eyes during sex for any good amount of time.

8. Feeling Like You’ve Been Transported to Another Time or Place

When I first met my husband and soulmate, I felt like I was falling, flying, had butterflies and goosebumps all at once. I’ve never felt this strong sense of familiarity with anyone (before or since) by just locking eyes with them.

Sex with him is often the same! Sometimes I feel like I’ve gone out of my body and been transported to another time or place, where the rest of our bedroom simply doesn’t exist.

9. Kundalini Awakening Often Happens During Sex with a Soulmate

Your soulmate may trigger a moving of energies through your chakras. Blocked chakras can lead to dis-ease, and we tend to hold onto pain, anger, grief, guilt, shame, and fear in our Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra.

When the heavy, dense, emotional pains that are stuck in our lower 3 chakras suddenly get unblocked by sex with a soulmate, the Kundalini (or coiled serpent of energy at the base of the spine) gets released.

This triggers intense waves of energy pulses to shoot up your whole body and out of the top of your crown chakra!

I liken this to Star Trek’s transporter machine, where you kind of phase, or pulse in and out until your physical body is made up of just light!

No heavy denseness anymore!

10. You Ascend to the 5th Dimension Together

Aw, the 5th dimension of consciousness! We are all going there together with the Spiritual Ascension Process well under way! But, sex with a soulmate can take you there momentarily!

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Together, with your soulmate, the two of you merge spirit/soul bodies for a brief moment in time. In the 5th Dimension, there is balance, ease, euphoria, and the feeling of simply being and allowing.

Everything is in perfect harmony!

You are NOT concerned about bills, health, work, your kids, your pets, or the million other things that you worry about in daily life. Your simply Living in the Moment!

Full of joy! Full of ease!

11. Euphoric Orgasms

Even if you don’t have intense and euphoric orgasms during sex with your soulmate, you will experience a druglike euphoria during sex, or even just touching this person. My soulmate still makes me go weak in the knees while touching me after being together for 15 years!

When you experience the deepened level of trust and intimacy that you are likely to experience with your soulmate, it makes intense, extremely pleasurable orgasms possible! When we are relaxed and completely trust our partners to please us.

Not surprisingly, when more attention is placed on your connection than on reaching orgasm, that is when the intense orgasms can more freely occur, especially for women.

Sex with a Soulmate FAQ

Are Sex Soulmates a Thing?

People often confuse the terms kindred souls and soulmates. A kindred soul can be a romantic partner, friend, or family member. A sexual soulmate is someone you share a much deeper intimate connection with, which often results in a long-term romantic partnership.

Do Soulmates have to be Lovers?

A divine soulmate connection is usually marked by a high level of trust, kindness towards each other, and respect. Soulmates however, DO NOT have to be lovers. Although most choose to be intimately connected, others choose to be plutonic.

What does Soulmate Sex Feel Like?

Euphoric, trusting, and real – Sex with a soulmate goes far beyond just physical intimacy. It recharges your soul, elevates you consciousness, and can even seem to transport you to higher vibrational realm.

Can a Soulmate be your True Love?

According to psychic Sylvia Browne, a true “soulmate” is often found on the “other side”, i.e. Heaven. However, more and more soulmates are choosing to incarnate together to help each other learn and grow in a healthy, stable, romantic relationship.

11 Surprising Soulmate Sex Signs: Synopsis

Many sexual partners will speak different love languages and not be on the same page. Soulmates are different. They truly care about you, your well-being, and whether or not you are truly enjoying sex with them.

Soulmates take the time to ask you what you want, need, and how you are feeling during sex. They are willing to practice new moves, try new things, and experiment in the bedroom until they find what you like.

In this respect, soulmates are the greatest friend, life partner, and lover you will ever have. Now that I have found my soulmate, I never want to go back! I didn’t know someone could or would actually care about me so much, not only in the sack, but also just in general.

And, the profound sexual connection I have with my soulmate seems to transcend time and space. A soulmate will understand that sometimes you just want to take your naked body, cover it in oil, and rub it all up and down their naked body!

These are the amazing things that make life truly worth living!

If you believe you’ve found your true sexual soulmate and are lucky enough to get to have sex with them on an ongoing basis, hold on to them tight!

As always, spread the light!