How I Manifest Whatever I Want with Ascended Master Secrets! (These Really Work!)

Ever wonder about the Law of Attraction and manifestation? Or need Law of Attraction techniques or Law of Attraction money tips? Are you new to manifesting and need manifestation techniques? Or do you simply need help mastering manifestation? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve all probably heard of the Law of Attraction. If you haven’t, the Law of Attraction, simply stated, is, “You get whatever you continually place your attention on. Flawlessly.” You get what you focus on or put out into the Universe.

In addition to using positive affirmations and visualizations to attract what you desire into your life, here are some great instant law of attraction techniques that are sure to have you mastering manifestation in no time!

In a hurry??? Bookmark this page for later and pay special attention to the section about the Triangle & LOA Printable Check Manifesting Techniques! They work, they work, they work!

9 Instant Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques I Channeled from the Ascended Masters

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1. Law of Attraction Money Tip: Surround Yourself with Emerald-Colored Fire!

Green, specifically the color of Emerald Green, is the color of abundance and clears a path for money to flow easily and freely to you.

I like to visualize being in a Harry Potter Emerald Green fireplace surrounded by the most vibrant emerald green I can imagine.

This keeps things fun! I hold the color around me for about 2 – 5 minutes, then go on with my day!

2. Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique: Smelling Money to Manifest!

This one especially makes me giggle with delight when I do it because it feels so silly and playful!

But, being playful and curious helps with your manifestations! It takes the seriousness out of the equation and allows your inner child the freedom to have fun again, which speeds abundance to you through the Law of Attraction!

I like keeping a $50 in my wallet and getting caught smelling it in public places just because it’s hilarious to see people’s reactions!

But, if you’re more private, go ahead and smell that money at home to manifest more. Whatever works for you!

Ever wonder how to activate the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance? Or need Law of Attraction tips to attract more money? Are you new to manifestation and need techniques? Or do you simply need help understanding the Law of Attraction? We’ve got you covered! #manifesting #ascendedmasters #LOA #thelawofattraction #manifestation #manifestmoney #manifestabundance #lawofattraction
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3. Law of Attraction and Manifestation Secret: Use “I Am” Positive Affirmations Very Slowly while Deeply Breathing.

Using any positive word or vibration after the “I Am” statement is extremely powerful, and so is the spoken word. Try saying positive affirmations out loud following the words “I Am”.

Try not to get caught up in your head and don’t argue with your statements. Just let them be. Try saying things like, “I am blessed”, “I am mastering manifestation”, “I am wealthy”, “I am successful”, “I am lucky”, or “I am abundant”.

Let the words simply be as you practice being playful and having fun with learning to manifest with the Law of Attraction.

There are some beautiful Affirmation Cards and Books on Amazon to help you get started!

Three of my favorites are Louise Hay’s Power Thoughts Cards, the beautiful Miracles Now set, and of course, the Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Cards!

Power Thought Cards: A 64 Card Deck (Box Set)      Cards – January 1, 1999

4. Manifestation Technique: Being Happy and Grateful!

This one may be one of the hardest law of attraction techniques to do for some. If you have trouble being happy, find things to do that make you happy!

You can take a walk, pet your dog or cat, play with your children, come up with a new recipe, take a dance class, etc., etc.

Do whatever floats your boat!

At the end of a long day or whenever I feel low throughout the day, I like to take a few moments to pray about what I’m thankful for.

It reminds me how much I really do have and brings me to tears most nights!

Consistently holding the vibrations of happiness and gratitude will speed abundance to you, and help you master manifestation! Which will make you even more happy and grateful!

Win, win, win!

If you’re having trouble finding things to be grateful for, here are some Great Books to help! You can also use foods to stay positive! Check out my post on 6 Natural Remedies for Depression (That Work Fast!)

5. Another Manifestation Technique: Make a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal will start you on the right path to looking over all the amazing abundance you already have in your life.

When you focus on what you do have, instead of what you don’t, you are placing your attention on “having” instead of “lacking”, the Universe hears this and gives you more of what you focus on.

By focusing on everything in your life that makes you happy and grateful, you will attract more experiences and things that make you happy and grateful.

Consistently writing in and reading a gratitude journal will help you keep your attention focused on what you want to manifest with the Law of Attraction!

6. Law of Attraction Super Money Tip: Explode Doubt, Fear, and Resistance to Manifesting Abundance in a Rose

Use the rose tool to help manifest your desires!
Red rose visualization manifestation technique

The rose visualization is an energy tool that I learned from the book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?

From turning on your sacred geometry personal power field to simple energy tools, this book is an invaluable resource that helps you drop the doubt, fear, and resistance getting in the way of achieving the life you really want.

Taught by the Archangels and Ascended Masters, you won’t find anything else like it.

It literally blew my mind!

I highly recommend it, as well as A Course in Mastering Alchemy, that delves further into creating a Living Light Body.

A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend      Paperback – February 13, 2018

I use the rose tool practically every day to blow up that which I don’t want in my life. I imagine a red rose and fill it with “fear of lack of money” for example, then imagine it blowing up.

Sometimes I visualize throwing the rose into the Sun or Moon and have it blow up there for fun!

For more information, go to

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7. Instant Manifestation Technique: Clear your Root Chakra

law of attraction manifesting techniques
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This goes a long way in helping attract positive things with the Law of Attraction! Our root chakras get clogged when we have worries over money, home, and stability.

Clearing your root money chakra out on a regular basis doesn’t take long and will speed the flow of abundance to you.

To instantly clear it, simply imagine a large red spinning ball of light at the tip of your tailbone and extending it up to your pelvis. I like to say, “Clean and clear” as I imagine the spinning disc.

There are also many free YouTube videos that will assist in strengthening and clearing out your root chakra!

As an added bonus, this also helps uplift me when I’ve been a little depressed! For an in-depth guide to root chakra healing, try one of these Amazing Resources!

8. Build a Triangle Manifestation Technique

Another great law of attraction money tip given to Jim Self by the Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light is to build a triangle! The triangle is one of the most stable structures in geometry.

I like to build a triangle in my root chakra after I’ve cleared it. I imagine three sides all filled with words that align to what I’d like to manifest.

In my friend’s case below, I had her build a manifestation triangle with one side saying “Beautiful home”, another saying “Affordable”, and the third saying the neighborhood she wanted to live in. Then set it and forget it!

(By the way, Jim Self is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! You can find his courses and free tools at . Or search for him on YouTube! You will not be disappointed!)

Learning to pray and meditate for answers is key to keeping me happy, healthy, and balanced. Find out more about DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC GIFTS here…

9. My Final Channeled Manifestation Secret from the Ascended Masters

Print and fill out a FREE Printable Law of Attraction abundance check!

This FREE printable abundance check based on The Secret Check has been carefully designed with more channeled information from the Ascended Masters!

From the color, to the infinity abundance number 8, this check gets results by focusing your attention on your desires!

Print it, fill it out, and then place it where you will see it often!

This beautiful FREE Printable .PDF Abundance Check has been carefully designed (with channeled help from the Ascended Masters) to symbolize all things money and abundance! From the Number 8 (which stands for infinity and manifesting wealth and abundance in angel numbers), to the color (which matches money), this manifesting check works like magic! You won't find another Law of Attraction Universe Check like it! #thelawofattraction #lawofattraction #loa #manifestingmoney #manifestmoney #manifestation #manifestabundance

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Ascended Masters Manifestation Techniques Update:

I passed these law of attraction manifestation techniques to a good friend who just texted to tell me she found the house she’d been envisioning in the neighborhood she wanted and in her price range! I loooove to hear these stories of mastering manifestation! It is why I do what I do!

My Manifesting Journey

I have been obsessed with manifesting since I first read The Message of a Master about 24 years ago! Since then, I’ve read it too many times to count, and it always strengthens my belief in my ability to manifest my desires as a Creator Being.

However, it wasn’t until my “bizarre” and very painful spiritual awakening that I gained the psychic ability of clairaudience (The ability to psychically “hear” spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and other spiritual beings.)

Before this time, I knew, like deep-down into the very core of my being knew that I could manifest using my mind…

BUT, I was trying to manifest AND getting very weak results!

FINALLY ASKED the Ascended Masters for their assistance with manifesting my ideal life, AND they began working with me clairaudiently to “hone” my manifesting skills over the next 7 years…

The Ascended Masters helped make sense of some manifesting truths I already knew AND also gave me the most AMAZING manifesting secrets I’d NEVER seen shared anywhere else!

I knew I was onto something when what I desired FINALLY started to manifest!

A free trip to Hawaii, a free cruise, a free laptop, the exact couch set I wanted, and soooo much more!

Between stressing over bills, worrying about changes with your job, keeping food on the table, and all the craziness going on in the world right now – It is completely normal to feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain as to how you are going to make ends meet!

I created The Master Manifestor e-book to help you the way I was helped by the Teacher’s of Light! To help you find more joy, more passion, and to finally make the Law of Attraction work for you!

This book contains the Master’s answers to your burning Law of Attraction questions in layman’s terms. No long-winded philosophical fluff that you can’t implement!

Just ACTUAL Law of Attraction reasons for doing things, simple hacks, and easy to use SECRET Master’s techniques!

Have you tried any of the above law of attraction techniques from the Ascended Masters? How have they worked for you? Do you have any other great Law of Attraction money tips? Comment below!

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