25+ Must-Have Emergency Supplies List (Every Household Should Have)

emergency supplies list

Every household should be prepared with an Emergency Supply Kit in case of natural disaster or emergency with plenty of food, water and supplies to last at least 72-hours.

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Water – Tops the Emergency Supplies List for a Reason

Of course, having a supply of water is important during an emergency situation. It is recommended that every household have a month supply of water for each family member.

For now, you can buy gallon jugs of water, water bottles and Emergency Drinking Water Pouches.

Water Filter – Great for your Emergency Supply Kit

A good Backpacking Water Filter will give you peace of mind during an emergency. These water filters are made to filter water out of rivers, lakes and streams.

Emergency Drinking Water Containers

These Emergency Drinking Water Containers are food grade and may be crucial in the midst of an emergency. You can fill up four of these 5-gallon bad boys for a total of 20 gallons of water!

 A good rule of thumb is to have enough water for at least 72 hours for each member of your household. I think a month is better!

A Good All-Around Stainless Steel Cup

Every backpacker knows that a Good Stainless Steel Cup is a must-have for boiling water and even cooking soup! You can also use it for simply drinking water out of!

All-In-One Utensil – A Must for Survival Kits

One of these for each family member is a great addition to any emergency essentials kit! I loooove this 5-in-1 Utensil Kit from TreeHopper! It includes a spoon, fork, knife, bottle and can openers on one utensil!

First Aid Kit – Another Must for Emergency Supply Kits

Every household should have a first aid kit whether they think they’ll need it for an emergency or not. It is just a good idea to have.

This First Aid Kit is waterproof and includes most everything you’ll need for minor wound care. One other item I’d include in any great first aid kit is Liquid Bandage or even Superglue. In a pinch, it will seal most wounds that might require stitches.

Also, get yourself some Duct Tape! Your dad knows it can be used for sooo many things!

Manuka Honey – A Little-Known Emergency Essential Supply

I’ve added Manuka Honey to this list, because it is genius in its ability to fight infection! Many people use manuka honey for burn care because it is an incredibly potent antibacterial and also a superfood!

You can try these On-The-Go Manuka Snap Packs as well!

You can even add these awesome Honey Antibacterial Bandages to your first aid kit!

You can also take it internally for colds and flus! Plus, honey has a super long shelf life!

Solar Lantern with Cell Phone Charging Capability – Great in an Emergency/Disaster Situation

If, during an emergency, the power goes out, it is imperative to have light! These collapsible (super portable, packable & lightweight) Solar Lanterns were seen on Shark Tank and the mid-grade model also has a USB charging port!

Portable Solar Generator – Never Run out of Power in a Disaster

I don’t think we realize just how dependent we all are on electricity. If your power fails during an emergency, this Portable Solar Generator will keep you devices running! (Please note: The solar panel option for this generator is sold separately.)

You can use the plug-in capability, to power things like your microwave, toaster oven, phone, etc.

Toilet Paper – Stock up on this Emergency Essential Supply

I also didn’t realize just how dependent I was on toilet paper, until the recent shortage! Although it is hard to find recently, be sure to stock a case for later!

Also, installing a Bidet Toilet Seat or replacing your toilet with a Bidet will give you peace of mind if there is ever a shortage again!

Pocket Tissues

Having Pocket Tissues in your emergency backpack will be much appreciated! If you can’t find pocket tissues right now, then I’d suggest Flushable Wet Wipes, Travel Baby Wipes or even Makeup Remover Wipes.

In a pinch, you can use any of these to get grime off your hands and clean your behind. Just don’t flush them! Throw them in the trash when you’re done.

Hand Sanitizer

Always good to have on hand, especially for use in your Emergency 72-Hour Backpack! You can use Hand Sanitizer in a pinch for cleaning counters and surfaces as well.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is great for wound cleaning, household cleaning, sanitizing your hands, etc.

Or, you can try these Alcohol Wipes!

Sea Salt – Great All-Around Survival Supply

Full of antimicrobial properties and trace minerals. I’ve included Sea Salt on this list, simply because you can disinfect so many things with it, especially dishes! You can even rub a little salt with water to scrub and disinfect your hands if needed.

I’ve used sea salt with a little water to clean and sanitize my dutch oven for years! The trace minerals are essential to your health, and you can even make a saltwater gargle to heal throat and mouth issues (Sore throat, cancers, swelling), and disinfect your teeth!

Also, emergency food supplies may be pretty tasteless, so having a decent supply of sea salt is a smart buy for an emergency essential!

Solar Flashlight – Works with No Batteries!

Solar Flashlights and Solar Headlamps are a must-have emergency supply. Because, who wants to stock all those batteries that may expire?

This Solar Powered Tactical Flashlight is waterproof and even comes with an emergency hammer, cutter, compass, magnet and USB charger for your phone! It is also a steal on Amazon!

Besides that, I’ve had the same solar flashlight for about 12-years and it is still going strong! These are great for any emergency 72-hour kit as well.

The Survivors Essential List – Swiss Army Knife

Of course, no emergency supply kit would be complete without a Swiss Army Knife! This One features scissors, a can opener (essential for canned goods), a magnifying glass, a nail file and a corkscrew!

MRE Meals – Everyone Should Have a Couple Weeks Worth

Standing for Meals Ready to Eat are often used by backpackers who can’t pack fresh food where they are going.

I thought these would be absolutely disgusting, but I found the new MRE Meals to be surprisingly good! I’ve stocked a week’s worth of these little beauties for my household, although a month is recommended.

They are lightweight and super simple to cook on a simple camping stove.

Wood Burning Mini Camping Stove – Great for Cooking when the Power is out

This Wood Burning Camping Stove is brilliant in that it requires no batteries or liquid gas to work it! You can burn twigs, leaves and pinecones to heat it! (Solo Stove Campfire)

It is also stainless steel, lightweight and produces less smoke!

Waterproof Matches

Waterproof Matches are a must during an emergency situation! Just having a pack on hand just in case will make sure you always have a way to stay warm and heat food!

Flint and Steel

Sometimes, you’ve gotta go old school to make sure you can light a fire in an emergency! This 5 in 1 Fire Starter Kit also contains paracord, a whistle and a compass and is a steal on Amazon!


I also think it’s just smart to pack a Lighter in your Emergency Essential Supplies Kit! A lighter will last you at least a couple of weeks, and then you might not have to worry about other means of starting a fire.

This waterproof camo lighter is a perfect addition to an emergency preparedness kit!

Emergency Supplies – Thermal Blanket

It is a great idea to have an Emergency Thermal Blanket on hand during a disaster situation. This One also doubles as an emergency tarp!

Emergency Poncho

Emergency Ponchos are great for a 72-Hour Kit, simply because they are lightweight and travel well! You can also use them to lay, sit or sleep on if needed!

Hand Sanitizer

Don’t worry too much if supplies of Hand Sanitizer are low during a virus scare (especially if you have salt and rubbing alcohol). But, if you can find it, grab a tube to throw in your Emergency Supply Kit!

Backpacking Towel

Something most people don’t think of is an Emergency Backpacking Towel. You can use these to dry dishes and yourself during an emergency situation.

While these aren’t essential, they are lightweight and dry super quick and would be extremely handy in an emergency!

Camp Soap Sheets

50 Sheets of Biodegradable Camp Soap is something else most people don’t think about needing for a survival kit! Just add a little water and you are good to go for cleaning your hands, body and dishes!

Final Thoughts on Emergency Essential Supplies List

I hope this list of emergency essential supplies in case of a disaster helps you and your family be prepared in case of an emergency!

Having these supplies on hand in your emergency 72-hour survival kits will give you peace of mind. A good rule of thumb is not to panic, but to be prepared with the essentials that will get you through a month of no power, water, heat or food being readily available.

Pack enough essentials into a 72-hour backpack for each household member. If you or your family have special needs (like medication), also consider keeping extra on hand at all times for emergency type situations.

Do you and your family have all your emergency essentials to weather any storm that comes your way? Do you have any helpful tips, comments or questions? Please share on social media and comment below!

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