6 EASY Ways to Learn How to BE PRESENT

There are a growing number of people that are becoming aware of just how unaware most of us are as we move through life. But learning how to be present and live in the moment is eluding us. Our minds seem to ramble as muscle memory takes over for a lot of our daily physical tasks.

As an over analyzer, present moment living has been the hardest to adjust to for me.  I have been practicing and reminding myself to be present for four years, and my mind still wanders multiple times throughout the day.

Each time I notice, I gently pull it back to the present. Back to myself. And each time I do, I relax a bit.

As a result of practicing mindfulness, it is getting somewhat easier to notice and stay present. Many of our thoughts are non-essential and are thrown to the Universe when we are not being present. Most people have no idea the amount of unconscious thoughts they’re throwing out each day.

Mindfulness Definition:

Mindfulness is staying fully immersed in the present moment. Your mind is not wandering to what to make for dinner, or your work presentation. You taste every bite of food, feel every drop of rain, and feel each moment as it happens.

So, if you had 80,000 thoughts in a day – How many of them would have to do with what you’d like the Universe to bring you in the future? 3? 10 maybe? Now you can begin to see that the flow of abundance to us hasn’t been intentionally blocked or withheld by a jerk in the sky going, “Mwah, ah, ah. Suffer peasants,” our minds have been focused on everything but what it is we actually want.

Even when we do focus on what we want, it’s usually the fact that it is lacking in our lives. We are focusing on lack or the fear of not getting what we want. These are powerful blocks to manifesting the abundance and prosperity that we truly seek.

This is where present moment living helps tremendously when it comes to manifesting what we really do want. When we stress about or replay events that didn’t go the way we wanted in the past, we unconsciously pull those same experiences to us in the future.

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Also, stressing about the past makes us feel those painful emotions again in the present, since emotions can only be felt in the present. This is completely unnecessary. Living in the present will be much easier once you have released past pain using meditation, grounding, and emotional release exercises.

Two more of my favorite affirmations are, “The past does not exist,” and “The present is the only moment and I savor it fully.” Whenever I find myself replaying events from my past, I remember one of these affirmations.

how to be present in the moment
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How many times do you find yourself wishing you had said or done something differently in the past, only to find that you weren’t fully focused in the present moment? Manifesting future events only happens in the present moment regardless of whether your mind was wandering to the past or future at the time. This is what I call unconscious creation. This type of creation brings very undesirable results for the future life that you’d like to create.

How many times have you burned your finger or cut someone off because your mind was elsewhere? Or how many times do you find your mind wandering into the future to practice what you’re going to say to someone, only to completely change what you say when you get to that conversation? Or how many times do you worry and stress about a future event only to have that event never happen or not be as bad as you imagined?

You stressed yourself out in the present for nothing.

What Does it Feel Like to Be Present?

To be present in the moment feels very calm and stress-free. You are not worrying about the past or the future. You are fully immersed in the present moment. You are simply “being”.

Why Is Being Present So Hard?

It is hard to stay present because we have not trained our rational minds to do so yet. We worry about the past, future, or daydream of a better life. We have let our rational minds wander for years, and you can’t simply shift to being present overnight. Have patience. Learning how to be present takes time.

How to Be Present

In learning how to be present, you need to understand that living mindfully takes practice and go easy on yourself.

Make it a game! Make it fun! Practice a little each day until it becomes more of a way of life.

Here are 6 EASY Ways to Learn How to BE PRESENT:

1. Focus on Your Breath

When you feel your mind wandering, bring your focus back to your breath. Focus on your breath in your walking around space. Really listen to your breath. Let it guide you. Practice walking down the hall while focusing on your breath. You can also listen for your heartbeat and let it guide you as well.

Keep in mind that as you learn how to be present, your mind will inevitably wander. It is the nature of the rational mind. You have given your rational mind free reign to wander for most of your life.

We daydream as children. Worry about past and future events as teenagers and adults, and practice dealing dealing with confrontation and problems in our minds.

The mind and body do not always travel together! But, in order to learn how to be present and mindful, they must be brought back together.

2. Practice Meditation

Any form of meditation practice will do, but especially practice Mindfulness Meditation.

I started with guided meditations to keep my mind from wandering, but now prefer mindfulness meditation to receive messages or just take a break from thought.

Mindfulness meditation also declutters the mind and strengthens your connection to Spirit.

3. Make Boring Chores Fun!

how to be present
How to Be Present: Make Boring Chores Fun!

We were meant to live life to the fullest. When we’re bored and not challenged, our minds wander. Staying present will let you realize where you’ve let your life go stale and make changes accordingly.

You can play music and dance while doing laundry or the dishes. Change up your routine and try new things. Odds are, your mind started wandering because you became bored stagnant.

Change can be scary, but stagnancy is death.

Don’t be afraid to try new foods, take a dance class, ask that special someone on a date, sing out loud at the top of your lungs on your drive home!

Just make boring, repetitive tasks like your daily commute more fun!

4. Live Life One Day at a Time

Yes, I stole this from Alcoholics Anonymous, but it holds true for everyone, even non-addicts. As I fall asleep at night, sometimes I get all riled up thinking about what I have to do the next day, and before Friday, and next month, and how am I ever going to get this deadline accomplished?

And pretty soon, I’m stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I have to remind myself that things look easier in the light of day, after a good night’s sleep.

When I take life one step at a time, one day at a time, and bring my mind back to the present; I feel my stress instantly melt away. Each time I remind myself to return to the present, the stress subsides, and I can breathe again.

This is an excellent skill to learn since stress is so damaging and aging to the physical body. Just remember, the only task you need to concern yourself with is the task at hand. This reduces stress and keeps you from manifesting unconsciously.

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5. Use the Words “Clarity” and “Present” in your Positive Affirmations

Firmly impress the words in your mind. See the words enter the center of your head.

Using positive affirmations can help you learn how to be present by keeping the words you’d like to embody at the forefront of your awareness.

When you use positive affirmations daily, you’ll notice that you begin to naturally “be” those words.

Words such as “I AM happy”, or “I AM Present”, or “I AM Capable”, will have a huge effect on the way you operate in your day-to-day life, and whether or not you are living in the present moment.

Positive Affirmation Cards are also a great way to get into the habit of using positive affirmations to learn how to be present daily!

6. Try Making Holy Water with the Words “Clarity” & “Present” Written on the Bottle

Have you ever heard of charging your water with the power of positive affirmations?

Words have weight, density, or more specifically they “hold a vibration”. When you intentionally imbue water with the vibration of the words you’d like to become, you take in a powerful charge of positive emotions as you drink it.

Water can be charged in sunlight or moonlight to make holy water, or directly blessed by you.

How to Make Holy Water:

  1. Fill a Sealable Glass Bottle (Glass will keep the water clean) with Purified or Filtered Water
  2. Sprinkle a Pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt in the water
  3. Write the Positive Affirmations you’d like to charge the water with on the bottle with a Fine Point Black Felt-Tip Marker
  4. Close your eyes while slowly, mindfully breathing. See pure white or golden light fill the water. Then see the words “present” and “clarity” fill the water.
  5. Drink a shot of the holy water daily to help keep you in the present moment.

Final Thoughts on 6 EASY Ways to Learn How to BE PRESENT

To learn how to be present in life takes practice, but is very worth it! I have relieved much of my previous stress and anxiety by just learning to “be”.

Learning how to live in the moment has also increased my joy for the little things in life! These beautiful little moments of a hug from your kids, playtime with your pets, or a sunset – Actually make up the bulk of your life.

Be grateful for these little moments and treasure each bite, each breath, and each beautiful sky.

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