17 FREE HEART Outline SVG Files (Sketched Doodles)

If you’re looking for a FREE heart outline svg file to trace, doodle or cut out, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re looking for FREE HEART Outline Templates – Printable Cut Outs, click here! These are all different shapes and sizes of heart outline stencils to print and cut out, and best of all, they’re FREE!!!

I’m offering FREE Sketched Heart Doodles as SVG vector cutting files, EPS vector/transparent files & transparent PNG files.

These sketched heart outline SVG doodles are 100% FREE for personal use, and would make excellent heart decorations!

I can see these as a beautiful painting, crochet design, or stenciled onto a rustic wood block in my children’s bedrooms!

FREE Heart Outline SVG, PNG & EPS Files for FREE!

The sketched heart outline files included are:

  • FREE EPS sketched heart doodles (vector, transparent background, compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & many other drawing programs)
  • FREE PNG sketched heart doodles (great for online Valentines e-cards, sharing to Facebook, memes, icons, etc. Transparent background, compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & many other drawing programs)
  • FREE SVG sketched heart doodles (vector, transparent background, compatible with Adobe Illustrator, many other drawing programs, and the programs/machines listed below)

FREE Heart SVG Images Vector Cut File Compatibility:

These FREE Heart Outline SVG files in vector format are compatible with: Cricut Explore, Silhouette Cameo, Brother Scan N Cut, Sizzix eClips, Sure Cuts a Lot, etc.

You could make sketched heart stickers, stencils, trace and paint them, trace them in your bullet journal or planner, or even embroider or sew them!

I put my heart into these hearts (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!), and this freebie is yours to download at no charge from StrengthEssence.com.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

I designed and colored these free heart svg images for hours (even though some of them look like they only took 30 seconds! LOL!).

FREE SVG Heart Images Files

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These free heart svg images are perfect for DIY Valentine’s Day cards & projects, bullet journals (bujo), making into a heart stencil, or simply to print on nice photo paper & frame (here’s an awesome rustic white picture frame!) (maybe for Valentine’s Day again)…

You could maybe even use my sketched heart doodles as a tattoo! (Or, as inspiration for one!) Man, I’d love to see that!

The possibilities with how you’ll use these free heart svg images is endless! And I would looove for you to tag me on Instagram (@strength_essence) and show me how you used them in creative ways!

If you need to pick up any FREE heart outline SVG file Decoration Supplies…

How to Use These FREE Heart Outline SVG Files

Feel free to print, rearrange, make heart stickers, heart stencils, design Valentine’s Day Cards for your kids, or trace (bullet journal BUJO) these heart illustrations all you want! Just don’t sell or redistribute these exact files…

These FREE heart SVG images are my gift to you and owned and copyrighted by StrengthEssence.com. All Rights Reserved.

Doodle FREE Heart SVG Images Included:

  • Abstract Brush-stroked Pink Heart.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Abstract Butterfly Shaped Pink Heart.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Abstract Butterfly Shaped Red Brushstrokes Heart.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Dark Pink/Light Pink Crosshatch Heart.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Red & Pink Dog Puppy Paw Print Heart.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Pink Heart Shaped Balloon.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Hot Pink Solid Line Double Heart Outline.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Light Pink Heart with Thin Hot Pink Outline.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Light Pink Ink Sketch Hand-Drawn Heart.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Pair of Hand-Drawn Pink Hearts with Arrow.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Red Outline/Solid Pink Overlapping Hearts.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Pair of Overlapping Wonky Pink Butterfly Hearts.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Pair of Overlapping Wonky Pink Hearts.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Pink Ink-Sketched Heart with Arrow.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Red Dotted Heart Outline.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Pink Tribal Floral Cutout Heart.SVG – .EPS – .PNG
  • Wonky Pink/Red Heart.SVG – .EPS – .PNG

How to Download these FREE Heart Outline SVG files

1. Select the link below to open your FREE heart SVG images doodles zip File.

2. The HeartDoodlesZipFile.zip will automatically download to your computer. (If you don’t see if in the lower left of your screen, check your downloads folder.)

3. Choose the option to “show in folder” and then right-click your zip file to “extract all”. Choose a folder to extract your files to.

And there you have it! You should now have Free heart outline svg files – as well as .EPS, .PNG sketched heart doodles to use in your amazing craft projects!

Click to download your FREE Heart Doodle .EPS, .PNG, .SVG Clip Art Files!

If you liked these FREE heart outline SVG file, please, please share, comment, and follow us on social media! Although I don’t require an e-mail sign-up, comment, or social media share to download my freebies – it helps us out a lot in spreading the word! Thanks for thanking me by sharing this beautiful freebie!

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