What Zodiac Sign is October? – (Astrology Dates, Symbols & Traits) 2023

What Zodiac Sign is October?

The two zodiac signs for October are Libra and Scorpio. If your birthday is between October 1st – October 22nd, your astrological birth sign is Libra. If your birthday is between October 23rd – October 31st, your astrological birth sign is Scorpio.

Zodiac Signs October 1 – 31

  • Zodiac Sign October 1 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 2 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 3 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 4 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 5 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 6 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 7 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 8 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 9 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 10 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 11 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 12 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 13 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 14 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 15 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 16 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 17 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 18 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 19 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 20 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 21 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 22 – Libra
  • Zodiac Sign October 23 – Scorpio
  • Zodiac Sign October 24 – Scorpio
  • Zodiac Sign October 25 – Scorpio
  • Zodiac Sign October 26 – Scorpio
  • Zodiac Sign October 27 – Scorpio
  • Zodiac Sign October 28 – Scorpio
  • Zodiac Sign October 29 – Scorpio
  • Zodiac Sign October 30 – Scorpio
  • Zodiac Sign October 31 – Scorpio

October Zodiac Signs – Astrological

Libra Birth Sign for October

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The Sun Sign of Libra is typically attributed to those born between October 1st – 22nd. Although this may vary slightly depending on the astrological calendar you are looking at.

I have always used the astrological calendar that positions Libras to be born between October 1st – 22nd, simply because I don’t have a birthday that is on the border of the horoscope.

If your birthday is close to the end of the Libra Sun Sign or at the beginning of the Scorpio Sun Sign (such as October 21st) in the Zodiac, then you may have attributes of both.

Scorpio Birth Sign for October

The Sun Sign of Scorpio is typically attributed to those born between October 23rd – 31st. Again, this may vary depending on the astrological calendar you are using.

October Zodiac Sign – Libra

October Zodiac Sign – Libra

Libra – The 1st October Zodiac Symbol

There is no Zodiac Animal associated with the sign of Libra. Libra is an air sign represented by the scales Zodiac Symbol.

The scales are the perfect symbol for Libras, who are generally fair-minded and often found playing the diplomat or mediator.

The scales zodiac symbol also represents balance and harmony, which is something Libras do particularly well!

October Zodiac Symbol - Libra Scales
October Zodiac Symbol – Libra Scales Represent Balance & Harmony

Libra Dates:

September 23rd – October 22nd

Libra Zodiac Element


Libra Astrological Ruling Planet

Venus: Lover of beauty and love. Venus rules the arts, anything social, luxury, and pleasure.

Libra Zodiac Keyword or Keyphrase

I “Balance”

Libra Zodiac Sign Polarity

Aries – The sign that is halfway between Libra and Libra is known as your sister sign, which is Aries. Libras and Aries make incredible friends, partners, and lovers.

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Libra Zodiac Birthstone

Opal Birthstones

October Libra Birthstone Gift Ideas

Opals bring financial abundance and strengthens your intuition. Make sure you are buying genuine or raw opal jewelry, never simulated or created. These will do nothing for you!

Two beautiful RAW Libra Opal Necklace Birthstone options on Amazon!

Raw Opal Necklace on 16″ Sterling Silver Chain

Raw Black Diamond and White Opal Bar Necklace- Sterling Silver- October Birthstone Gift Idea

Colors Associated with the Libra Birth Sign

Lavender and Blue

Libra’s Lucky Day

Friday (Woo-hoo!)

Libra Astrological Sign Traits

Libras are an air sign, which can sometimes leave them feeling ungrounded. Libras often find themselves daydreaming and not paying attention to the present moment. Air signs can also have a tendency to be flaky and indecisive.

On the positive side, Libras are charismatic and clever. Those with Libra for an astrological sign tend to have incredible memories.

Libras are charming and put people at ease the minute they walk into a room. Libras are excellent listeners and wonderful at getting two warring sides to come to an agreement.

Libras are often very psychic and empathic, often without knowing it. They use their empathic gifts to read the room as they enter it.

Libras are usually highly sensitive people who can intuit other’s feelings without having to be told what they are.

The sign of a true Libra is often shown through incredible intelligence, wit, and creativity. One of the biggest assets of Libras is their ability to fit in easily with many different social groups.

Those born in the Libra star sign usually love beauty, art, words, and nature. Libras simply love beautiful things, thus making them great writers, painters, graphic designers, interior decorators, etc.

Help for those with the Libra Zodiac Sign:

**By the way, my birthday is October 6th, so of course I love this October Zodiac Sign! I know my strengths and weaknesses well, and the following two blog posts will help you become a stronger Libra!**

For those born in October who are highly empathic… Little-Known Empath Protection Tools(These tools saved me from my introverted side! I can now go into crowds and be around negative, angry, or depressed people and actually help them instead of just feeling drained!)

For Libras who have trouble with daydreaming and staying present… Mindfulness Meditation Tips & Tricks(The key to becoming a Master Manifestor and harnessing the Law of Attraction is mindfulness! As a daydreaming Libra, I’ve always struggled with this… These are all my best tips/tricks for staying present!)

October Zodiac Sign – Scorpio

October Zodiac Sign – Scorpio

Scorpio – The 2nd October Zodiac Symbol

The Scorpio Zodiac Animal is the Scorpion.

October Zodiac Symbol - Scorpio Scorpion
October Zodiac Symbol – Scorpio Scorpion Represents Passion & Power

Scorpio Dates:

October 23rd – November 22nd

Scorpio Zodiac Element


Scorpio Astrological Ruling Planet

Mars or Pluto

Scorpio Zodiac Keyword or Keyphrase

I “Transform”

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Polarity

Taurus – The sign that is halfway between Scorpio and Scorpio is known as your sister sign, which is Taurus. Scorpios and Tauruses make incredible friends, partners, and lovers.

Scorpio Zodiac Birthstone

Topaz Birthstones

October Scorpio Birthstone Gift Ideas

Topaz helps conduct the energies of Pluto, making it an ideal birthstone for Scorpios! Make sure you are buying genuine or natural Topaz jewelry, never simulated or created. These will do nothing for you!

Two beautiful Scorpio Birthstone Natural Topaz Gift Ideas on Amazon!

Gem Stone King London Blue Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Fully Adjustable Women’s Tennis Bracelet, Gemstone Birthstone 1.50 Cttw

Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace, 9.00 Cttw, Gemstone Birthstone, 16X12MM Pear Shape with 18 Inch Silver Chain

Colors Associated with the Scorpio Birth Sign

Black, Dark Red, Burgundy

Scorpio’s Lucky Day


Scorpio Astrological Sign Traits

Scorpios are intense and mysterious. You can usually spot a Scorpio by their beautiful dark, or at least piercing eyes.

Although Scorpios are a water sign, they can exhibit a fiery temper at times. It is best to never get on the bad side of a Scorpio.

Scorpios are great at seducing others and make excellent lovers. They are magnetic to be around and to usually very attractive to look at (like the Libra).

Scorpios rule over sex and money and have a keen survival instinct. Scorpios birthday positioning in the fall, over Halloween, is no accident. Samhain, or Halloween is a key time for letting go, regeneration, healing and transformation.

Having the star sign of Scorpio means that you are a very powerful individual indeed. Your rulings over sex, money, and death are not to be trifled with.

On the dark side, Scorpios can tend to get very jealous, obsessive, and even self-destructive. Scorpios tow the line between the physical world and the dark side of humanity.

But, on the light side, Scorpios make excellent healers and are also highly intuitive or highly sensitive people.

When a Scorpio is properly balanced with their heart in the right place, they can use their power over money and influence for the betterment, healing, and transformation of humankind.

Scorpios make excellent business owners or CEOs, negotiators, massage therapists, counselors, Reiki Masters, or anything to do in the business or healing arts.

Help for those with the Scorpio Zodiac Sign:

**By the way, my sister is a Scorpio, so I also love this October Zodiac Sign! I know her strengths and weaknesses well, and the following two blog posts will help you become a stronger Scorpio!**

Most people born in October are highly empathic… These Little-Known Empathic Protection Tools will greatly assist you!

Scorpios also have an innate ability to attract large amounts of money. When properly harnessed, a Scorpio can use their manifesting abilities to help others.

These Manifesting Secret Techniques from the Ascended Masters will help you channel your intentions and bring your desires into the physical world.

Final Thoughts on October Zodiac Sign:

Whether you are a Libra or a Scorpio, the odds are you are highly intuitive and intelligent.

We can use the knowledge of our zodiac sign strengths and weaknesses to create more balance in our lives. It is much easier to focus on our strengths and learn from our negative astrological traits if we know what they are!

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