8 “Magical” DIY Ways to Add Halloween Spirit to your Home

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes ghouls, goblins, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and all things spooky! There is still time to make your home an inviting place for both Halloween parties and trick-or-treaters alike!

8 “Magical” DIY Ways to Add Halloween Spirit to Your Home

Paint Some Pumpkins

glitter painted pumpkins for halloween

Pumpkin painting has become super popular in recent years, as you can paint them the colors of your home, add glitter, and do all sorts of other fun things.

Try grabbing a stencil pattern with some unique designs and some spray paint for some extra DIY Halloween pumpkin fun!

Add Some Spider Webs onto Halloween Decorations

cut out black paper spider webs for diy halloween project

You can add spider webs onto ANY Halloween decoration, or ANY of your regular decorations, such as lamps, mirrors, etc.

A quick DIY pro Halloween tip – Use stuffed animal polyester stuffing and stretch it out across fireplaces, mantles, etc. For some extra spooky fun, try adding variations with things like colored orange, black, and purple Halloween lights, fairy lights, or plastic spiders!

These paper Halloween spider webs will also bring the Halloween spirit to your home, and provide hours of fun for you and your kids!

Fill Some Cauldrons with Candy and Surround with Fairy Lights

Fill up some old buckets, or even buy some spooky black Halloween cauldrons from your local dollar store or Walmart.

Fill with Halloween candy, dirt and leaves, or even mini Halloween pumpkins. Surround with fairy lights and you have a beautiful DIY Halloween decoration that is sure to please.

Fill Porch Buckets with Dry Ice

dry ice in cauldron for halloween spirit

Grab old buckets or buy witches cauldrons to fill with dry ice on the big trick or treating night. Dry ice will make a spooky effect for your Halloween porch display, and put everyone in a festive mood.

You can find dry ice in many grocery stores by simply asking one of the workers.

Hang Up Old Costumes on Porch or In Corners

orange hanging halloween ghost in tree with lights diy decoration

An old witch, pumpkin, or ghost costume hung up in the corner of your family room or porch will get everyone in the Halloween mood!

Hang a Halloween Wreath on Your Door or Wall

diy halloween wreath project decoration for porch or wall in home

Wreaths for EVERY occasion are a popular trend right now, and Halloween DIY wreaths are no exception! You can add cinnamon sticks, dried apple slices, plastic bats, fall leaves, colored ribbons, plastic spiders, and any of your webs from the earlier DIY Halloween project suggestion.

Go crazy and have fun!

Print Some Free Printable Halloween Bottle Labels to Add to Bottles or Jars

Add some free printable Halloween bottle labels to any old beer bottle, pickle jar, lemon juice jar, etc. Fill it with purple, green, or orange food coloring to complete the effect!

Make a DIY Fake Fire

This ultimate fake fire for Halloween is so easy to do! Just find some orange lights, a cauldron, some spray paint, and plastic bones, and you’re set!

There you have it! Some quick and easy DIY Halloween projects to fill your home with Halloween spirit this fall season!