The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to MINDFULNESS Meditation

Our Mindfulness Meditation Ultimate Beginners Guide includes everything about Mindfulness Meditation! Great for Beginners or Seasoned Pros!

Mindfulness Meditation is the most important tool for clearing and strengthening yourself mentally. Mindfulness Meditation is useful for stress reduction, weight management, emotional/mental well-being, and connecting to your own personal temple within.

There is a beautiful stillness inside of you that connects you to the Universe and your Divinity. Heaven is within. Meditating allows you to tap into this stillness where just you and God exist.

Nobody else is offering to speak to God for you and relay what he says. You can connect to spiritual messages any time you feel the need by tapping in to your own source of great internal power.

Nothing will help you grow more spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally than learning to tune in to your own Divine nature.

When you practice meditation, everyday stress melts away while you live in the present moment. 30 minutes of deep mindfulness meditation is the equivalent of two hours of sleep.

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

Unlike Guided Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation practitioners listen to and follow the sound of their breath. Mindfulness meditation involves taking slow, deep circular breaths while attempting to shut off all thought, therefore practicing mindfulness.

One who mindfully meditates focuses on simply “being” with oneself, while turning off all outside worry and noise. You can practice mindfulness meditation with relaxing music or nature sounds.

The typical posture for practicing mindfulness is sitting with legs crossed, spine straight. For more information on proper meditation posture, visit my post: The Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Deep breath work exercises circulates oxygen through the blood stream and cells, supporting detoxification and increasing energy levels. This improves memory and concentration.

Mindfulness meditation also helps with depression, addiction, anxiety, and stress. It decreases cortisol levels and increase grey concentration in the brain.

A regular mindfulness meditation practice can also decrease pain and help manage ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Mindfulness Meditation also increases your awareness of your subconscious mind.

Researchers from the University of Sussex, UK found that people who practice mindfulness meditation have a greater pause between unconscious impulses and action. They also observed mindfulness meditators to be less susceptible to hypnosis! (2016, New Scientist).

Mindfulness has also been shown to decrease feelings of loneliness and foster creativity! (Live and Dare).

For more Benefits of Mindfulness, visit: 5 Mind-Blowing Mindfulness Benefits (Hint: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money!)

Mindfulness Meditation for Insomnia:

According to the CDC, more than one-third of American adults don’t get adequate sleep. This is a great time to learn to meditate. Meditation puts your body and mind into a deep restorative state, but you remain fully conscious.

This is a like opening a gateway between Heaven and Earth. A gateway where you can receive guidance from Spirit as well as your own inner genius, all while remembering the messages clearly. Unlike dream messages, that are quickly forgotten upon waking.

Answers to your problems arise from within to help you on your current path. I’ve received many answers to questions I’ve knowingly, as well as unknowingly asked, through meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation has helped me clear out noise, drama, competition, worries, and then replaced them with peace, joy, and love. I highly doubt I would’ve been able to fully let go of my addictions if it hadn’t been for meditation.

Are you an empath or a sympath? The definitons and differences: Empath vs Sympath: 7 Key Differences and How to Tell Which You Are!

Mindfulness Meditation for Health Concerns

For example, have you ever had a physical ailment that you just couldn’t seem to get rid of? It’s bothering you bad enough to do something about it, so you either go to the doctor or my personal favorite, visit Dr. Google.

I would drive myself crazy looking ailments up on the Internet. Google says I am dying or that I should try a combination of every herb known to man! I was spending a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to bring myself back into balance with very weak results.

All of this went away when I started paying attention to my dreams and meditating. I would literally see foods or herbs my body needed to bring myself into alignment again. Or hear a voice tell me the name of something specific that would help me with what I was struggling with.

After the birth of my son, I was plagued with a nasty yeast infection that I erroneously thought was a bladder infection. I ran to the doctor and got antibiotics (which I would never do now).

Antibiotics just make yeast infections much, much worse. Finally, I’d had it with the discomfort and decided to meditate about the situation. Upon meditating, I clearly heard, “yogurt”.

I do still use Google for confirmation that I’m on the right track. I looked up ‘yogurt natural cures’ and yeast infections topped the list. I also found that yeast infections were often mistaken for bladder infections.

It would have taken me a lot of time and money with doctor’s visits, tests, and drugs to eventually figure out what was wrong with my physical body. With meditation, I found out in fifteen minutes what I had and exactly what to do about it.

Everybody’s body is different and therefore what works great for most of the population might not work for you. Or, what worked well for you last time, might not work for you again.

Your inner genius knows you best. Tuning in to your innate brilliance is amazing! This power lies dormant in everyone who hasn’t learned to harness it yet. Imagine how much time and money you could save yourself by just this one benefit of mindfulness meditation.

Other Great Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Include:

Help with problems you’re working on like – “Seeing” creative solutions for solving puzzles. Inventors would greatly benefit from mindfulness meditation.

Many song and creative writers have had clever ideas come to them through meditation. One great golfer even saw how to change his golf swing when he was having problems with his game!

Guidance to help you deal with difficult people or situations that you’ve run into. Meditation can help us solve problems in the quickest, simplest ways – Ways we’d never come up with on our own in a million years. It is just that amazing!

Those who mindfully meditate frequently are calmer, happier and become magnets for good luck, success and prosperity.

Mental health is a huge issue in our country right now. The overuse of chemical substances and technology, lack of nature and exercise, and poor nutrition has left our population scared, angry and confused.

We can easily mend broken bones or manage diabetes but trying to get through a day with a brain gone haywire is nearly impossible.

Out of everything I do, meditation has been the most helpful at turning my once manic bipolar issues into peace and calm.

I can think clearly again without all the noise, pain, depression, and fear. And most importantly, I can think clearly without being medicated.

Meditation has freed me from the medication hell that I was once stuck in. Read My Story Here.

Mindfulness Meditation vs Guided Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the type of meditation that I use the most now. It seems so simple, but it can be very challenging to quiet your yammering mind!

We are constantly bombarded with noise from technology and being in constant movement. Learning to quiet and still the mind is imperative if you wish to learn how to live in a state of calm.

Mindfulness meditation will also greatly assist you in learning how to stay present throughout your day. This is one of the main secrets to manifesting your dreams and wishes.

Mindfulness meditation can be practiced with or without soft background music. Whereas, guided meditation gives you a person’s voice to guide you through; Mindfulness meditation is the slowing of the mind without a guided voice.

You literally practice being mindful and present with yourself. You pause your day and take the time to simply listen to your breath.

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques – How to Practice Mindfulness for Beginners:

Find a comfortable position to sit or lay in: Light a candle, incense, or spray some essential oils (I love lavender for its calming properties. It’s easier to pay attention to the breath when you’re smelling something nice).

For ideas on tools to use during meditation, check out this related meditation post: 17 Meditation Room Must-Haves: Create your Perfect Meditation Space Today!

Mindfulness Meditation Beginners Techniques
Image by Pexels on Pixabay

Have a snack: I find it’s helpful to have something in my stomach when it comes time to meditate, unless you are fasting with your meditation for deeper understanding.

Turn on some relaxing Solfeggio frequency music or anything that is calming to you.

Take deep, sloooow, circular breaths:  If your mind starts to wander, you may start counting your breaths. Try to get to ten without your mind wandering. Start over from one if it does.

Set a timer: My mindfulness meditation times depend on what I have going on that day. It is much easier to get into a “Meditative Zone” if you’re not worried about how long you’ve been meditating.

The “Meditative Zone” is where the magic happens. Your rational or monkey mind shuts up and you are able to receive Divine guidance through impressions, thoughts, or pictures.

A timer works perfect to avoid this. Meditation slows your mind. Many times, you will feel like you’ve been meditating for a half an hour when it’s only been five minutes. This is exactly what’s supposed to happen.

Some sessions will be better than others, and you’ll receive amazing insight. Others, you’ll receive no new insight. However, you’ll still gain amazing benefits of stress reduction and mental focus every time you mindfully meditate!

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation and your Inner Dick:

We can have anything we want and in abundance through the Law of Attraction. But first, you’ve got to meet and reprogram whom I lovingly refer to as “my inner dick”.  But believe me, my inner dick and I were not always on the best of terms.

Your inner dick will replay the worst parts of television and music. You’ll argue with him, which only gives power to these thoughts and reinforces them. For example, I’d hear Malcolm in the Middle’s theme song reverberating, “Life is Unfair”. Then once you argue, it gets stuck on a loop and pulls the vibration of the words, “Life is Unfair” to you through the Law of Attraction.

For the purpose of manifestation and being able to consciously create what you want in physical reality, it is necessary to clear out old clutter and thought patterns from your mind.

The best ways I’ve found to do this are: reading, writing, exercise (especially Kundalini Yoga), mindfulness meditation, and lots and lots of time in nature. Also, I’ve found turning my face up towards the sun to be very clearing.

Mindfulness meditation is where you will meet your inner dick the most. This is the part of you that you will need to consciously breathe out of your space to clear your mind.

Your subconscious isn’t all bad. There are some parts that are very helpful, positive and inspiring. The subconscious is like a small child that absorbs everything you’ve been jamming into your awareness since birth.

We have been bombarded by technology in the form of music, television, computers and our Smart phones. These T.V. shows, commercials, and songs have been drilled into our subconscious minds and replay on loops.

This clutter keeps our minds from creating the way we were meant to create – Calmly, clearly, consciously and from within.

Don’t get me wrong – I love technology as much as the next person, but to create consciously, it is imperative to obtain balance and spend time learning to quiet and focus the mind.

Not only will you sleep better, heal your mind and body, but also be able to insert positive affirmations and visualizations to create the life you want with no technology resistance cluttering up your brain.

Just remember to not give up when you meet your inner dick. The only way out is through.

Breathe him out and continue to replace him with positive affirmation statements. Your mind will eventually accept what you continue to tell it.

Do not be dismayed when you say things like, “Wow, I’m amazing!” and your subconscious answers, “You’re a dumbass”.

Beginners Guide to Mindfulness Meditation
Image by johnhain on Pixabay

You are not a dumbass! Would you believe a 2-yr-old that called you a dumbass? No, you wouldn’t. Your subconscious mind is kind of like a 2-yr-old answering you back with a bazillion questions. What you tell yourself in every situation matters.

When you hear thoughts of a negative nature, do not be dismayed. And most importantly, do not believe them!

You get to decide your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. You are now the president in charge of yourself. Negative things others have told you and negative things you’ve told yourself have been hiding inside you for quite some time.

It’s time to let go and breathe it out. Keep circular breathing when you hear your inner dick. Allow the thoughts to simply be.

When you do inner work, some ugly things will come to the surface. It is your job to be a neutral observer to these ugly things and maybe even learn to laugh at them. Do not argue.

These ugly thoughts are not you and have never belonged to or been aligned with who you truly are. Again, allow them. Neutrally observe them. And consciously breathe them out.

Be patient and kind with yourself. Your inner dick will slowly dissipate as you continue to strengthen yourself from within.

It will greatly help you to watch and read positive material as you start your mindfulness meditation practice.

More Tips/Techniques for Great Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Listen, listen, listen – Listen to your breath

This is the time to deeply breath and feel. Our rational minds are used to taking over.

We are constantly thinking about things like who wronged us in the past, what we need to be doing next, reliving television shows or rehearing songs.

Mindfulness meditation is your allotted time to breathe and reduce stress. This is the time to quiet and slow the mind so that our bodies can heal and we can receive divine guidance. This is the time to learn to be present.

Sitting and taking the time to tune in is very hard for most people, which is why it is so necessary. Divine guidance, healing, peace, and even money flows freely to us when we are not worried about how we can attain these things.

Your mind will inevitably wander – Be kind to your learning self!

I cannot stress this enough. You will get better with practice. Even 5-10 minutes a night before bed will do wonders for you.

Although, I have found that getting into the meditation zone usually takes me about 10 minutes. Every time you feel your mind wandering, gently pull yourself back into the center of your head and continue deep circular breaths.

**Get into that magical “Meditation Zone” (Where your rational mind finally shuts up) much faster with this technique! The Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

Watch the breath – Follow your transitions

This will greatly help you get to and stay in the meditation zone. The transitions at the top of the “in breath” and the bottom of the “out breath” are where the rational mind sees its chance to break free from your focus. “Watching” your transitions helps keep you in a circular loop so that the rational mind cannot wander.

Breathe deeply enough to “swell” your head

Feel your head expanding as you breathe in. It’s really hard for your rational mind to form thoughts when your head is expanding with air.

(Last night, I was desperately trying to meditate to sleep and could not turn off my rational mind. The Universe lovingly reminded me with a voice saying, “Don’t forget to expand.”

One would think after a few years, that meditation would become second nature to me, but it’s still difficult some days. As soon as I began expanding my lower belly, and swelling my head, I was able to let go of the excitement of the day. Thank you, Universe, for the loving reminders along my journey! We are indeed co-creators.)

Make sure you are comfortable

You can move during the meditation if you feel any discomfort. Sometimes I feel the need to stretch halfway through. There is no exact way to meditate.

I have tried sitting on the ground, cross-legged with thumb and forefinger touching multiple times, and it’s never worked for me.

I broke my tailbone when I was younger, so I find that position uncomfortable. I like sitting on my bed leaning forward on a pillow with my head down!

This position is comfortable and keeps me awake. Lying my head downwards instead of up seems to help me quiet my mind much easier. Again, try different positions and find what works for you.

Get into a deep circular breath cycle with eyes open first

Take a few deep circular breaths with your eyes open before closing them. Then take a few deep breaths with eyes closed. Then a few more with eyes open before closing them to settle in for deep meditation.

This trick is taught with the Mastering Alchemy energy tools available for free at .

This helps interrupt the brain’s natural pattern of going unconscious when your eyes close. It also helps you wade through your brain noise sooner to enter a deep theta healing state.


You can practice counting your breaths trying to get to ten without letting your mind wander.

If it wanders, start over from one. You can also count the length of your inhales and exhales until your mind stops wandering and you no longer need to count.

Remember, many people’s minds have been wandering and stressed their whole adult life

The situation cannot be corrected in a month. Just as you cannot exercise for a month and expect to be physically fit forever.

Mindfulness Meditation is a lifelong practice, and the benefits far outweigh any time you spend learning to meditate. I always remind myself that it’s not like I’m doing anything else important anyway.

If I didn’t meditate before bed, I’d probably just be watching re-runs on cable. And re-runs do not help me heal, receive Divine guidance, de-stress, mentally prepare for sleep, or clear out the clutter so manifesting my desires becomes easier!

Do not argue with thoughts as they come up

Your inner dick is leaving. Let him leave. Even if the thoughts are nice, do not follow them. This only makes you start thinking again. Let thoughts leave. Do not question why they are there. You can think, ponder, and philosophize all you want during the day when it’s not time to meditate.

Practice, practice, practice!

You will get better. Meditation takes patience, calm and allowing. Mindfulness meditation requires focus. Your rational mind does not want to be disciplined and is a bit like a toddler at first! It will get easier, however, as you practice. Just remember that you are learning to be present, which is the main requirement for manifesting abundance!

Mindfulness Meditation can help you in every area of your life! Begin your mindfulness practice and reap all the benefits meditation has to offer!

Learning to pray and meditate for answers is key to keeping me happy, healthy, and balanced. Find out more about DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC GIFTS here…

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Have you tried Mindfulness Meditation? What Mindfulness Techniques and Tricks have worked best for you? What benefits have you noticed by starting a regular Mindfulness Meditation Practice? Should I add anything to the list? Comment below!

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