17 Meditation Room Must-Haves – Gifts

These meditation room accessories and supplies are a must-have for anybody who is serious about making meditation a regular part of their life. The following list of meditation space tools make perfect gifts for yourself or someone special! Start with these basic meditation products and reap all the life-changing benefits meditation has to offer!

Whether you are practicing mindfulness, guided, or transcendental meditation, the following list of meditation products can help! Learning to meditate is a life-long pursuit with incredible benefits!

According to Healthline, meditation reduces stress, improves sleep, controls pain, and decreases blood pressure. Meditation also helps with addiction and lengthens your attention span!

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Meditation Cushions & Seats Because the Floor is Hard!

Meditation Bench – The best way to meditate is sitting with back straight. That way, you can pull the breath deep into the lower belly and wash it back up your spine upon exhale. Many find sitting directly on the ground to be uncomfortable! Trying to use just a regular pillow often doesn’t help you keep your spine straight or throws you off kilter. A meditation bench is perfect for aligning your spine and taking the pressure off your joints, tailbone, and knees.

Waterglider International Meditation Bench (Zen Black), Seiza, Sustainable Acacia Wood with Curved Bottom Edges for The Perfect Posture, Meditation Stool, Prayer Bench, Meditation Chair, Yoga Stool

Meditation Seat – Whether you need an ergonomically correct meditation seat, a Meditation Chair with Backrest, or something as simple as a forward leaning meditation cushion set, these are all better ways to get into alignment than the bare floor alone!

Meditation bench, Seiza Bench,It's Adjustable, Portable,Lightweight and Durable

Meditation Cushion – Meditation cushions are more basic than a meditation bench or seat, but much better than using a pillow or blanket! Pillows or cushions specifically made for meditation are wider, denser, and much more supportive of your posture!

Alexia Meditation Seat Ergonimically Correct for The Human Physiology Zen Yoga Ergonomic Chair Foam Cushion Home or Office (Beige - Fabric)
Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion, Buckwheat Zafu Oval Floor Pillow, Made in California

Meditation Accessories That Help Raise Your Vibration!

Reiki Pyramid with Quartz – An orgone pyramid lined with reiki symbols is a powerful negative energy clearer. It also helps harness and generate energy to raise your vibration and assist you in reaching higher states of consciousness while meditating. I like to pick up and feel a crystals energy to get a sense of their strength. I have never felt energy in my crown chakra so strongly as when I hold an Orgone Pyramid Energy Generator! You will not be disappointed using one of these!

people crystals Rose, Amethyst, and Crystal Quartz Orgone Reiki Pyramid Kit/EMF Protection Meditation Yoga Energy Generator

Tibetan Singing Bowl Third Eye Chakra – A third eye chakra Tibetan singing bowl vibrates at 432 Hz, making an “A” note. This vibrates and helps open your third eye chakra to be able to “see” more clearly using your third eye chakra while meditating.

ENERGYSOUND 432Hz Perfect Pitch B Note Crown Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 8" with one carrier one mallet and o-ring included

Tibetan Singing Bowl Crown Chakra – A crown chakra Tibetan singing bowl plays the “B” note and helps open and align your crown chakra. This greatly assists you in connecting and becoming one with the Universal Mind while meditating and helps Divine answers flow to you.

Hand Hammered B Crown Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ Easy to Play - For Chakra Healing, Prayer, Yoga, and Mindfulness - Antique with Dual end Mallet & Red Cushion (Antique 5")

Every time I’ve done a Reiki Share or Meditation night with crown and third eye chakra singing bowls, my intuition heightened! I was able to feel, see, and hear much more than without them! You can use these at the beginning of your meditation practice to channel Spiritual energy and raise your vibration!

Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender raises your vibration and gives you a lovely scent to concentrate on instead of your chattering mind. You can use lavender on your third eye (always with a carrier oil like coconut to avoid burning and rash!), wrists, or even right under your nose to elevate you and relax your mind and body.

Essential Oil Diffuser – Another great way to elevate your space and bring in a wonderful scent is to diffuse essential oils. Lavender is great for preparing the mind and body for meditation and sleep. Orange is uplifting. Chamomile is calming. You can try a variety of blends and aromas to suit your individual tastes.

Crystals – Various crystals are not only beautiful, but can help raise the vibration in a space. For example, Black Tourmaline acts like a vacuum for negative energy and Amethyst helps calm the mental and emotional bodies while strengthening the crown chakra. You can also look for a good beginner’s set to start using in your practice.

I looove using lavender and crystals because they are very effective for raising your vibration and they are cheap! (Lol!)

I also found this great Himalayan Salt Lamp, Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier Combo with 7 colors! Himalayan Salt Lamps release negative ions into the air. The negative ions are said to calm nerves, revitalize cells and purify the air for a holistic experience. Essential oil diffusers release the scent of your essential oil into the air through water vapor, purifying and elevating the space. The AIGOCEER brand found a way to economically combine the two!

AIGOCEER Essential Oil Diffuser Himalayan Salt Lamp Cool Mist Humidifier 3 in 1. 120ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers Humidifier. 7 Colors Changing LED Night Lights, Waterless Auto Shut-Off - Silver

You can also find some excellent Crystal Books for Beginners on Amazon!

Meditation Gifts for Clearing Unwanted Energy from Your Space!

Sage Smudge Kit – White sage has been used by many cultures to clear stuck, negative, or unwanted energy from an area. Energy tends to get stuck indoors where there isn’t enough air flow, light, and other natural elements to clear it out. You can easily sage your meditation space with the clear intention of clearing out old stuck energy and inviting in new harmonious energy. Be sure to sage all corners from bottom to top while saying, “Clean and clear this space.” DO NOT forget the windows!

Home Cleansing & Smudging Kit with White Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone & Stand, Smudge Feather & Guide - Smudge Kit with Sage Smudge Sticks

Incense – Burning incense also helps clear unwanted energy out of a space. You can find some beautiful Buddhist and Dragon incense holders that also helps clear the room and invite good, harmonious energy into your space. Or you can go for some basic incense to align and balance your 7 chakras.

Meditation Candles – Candles specifically for meditation are infused with things like herbs and essential oils for inviting peace, tranquility, and positive energy into your meditation space. Plus, they are beautiful to look at!

AOOVOO Meditation Candles with Crystals Inside - 7 Chakra Crystal Set Spiritual Healing for Positive Energy, Yoga, Cleansing, Relaxation, and Aromatherapy, Relaxation Gift Women Men

Sage Spray – For those sensitive to smoke or who have young kids and pets in the home, sage spray is ideal! Made with sage and often charged with positive energy, Reiki symbols, or the Moon! You can use sage spray just like you would smudging stick sage. Spray sage in the corners and especially the windows. Use on your meditation cushions or pillows while saying, “Clean and clear this space.”

Meditation Supplies for Staying Warm!

Meditation Shawls or Meditation Cloaks – Anyone who meditates knows that breathing in deeply for extended periods of time makes you cold, extremely cold! Meditation shawls or cloaks are comfortable, lightweight, and stay put while meditating! You can find both regular and hooded varieties to add to your regular meditation practice!

Om Shanti Crafts Meditation Shawl or Blanket, Exotic Shawl/Wrap, Oversize Scarf or Stole. Unisex

Meditation Accessories for “Seeing”

Meditation Eye Mask – Sometimes the light will distract you from fully centering yourself while meditating. A meditation eye mask or regular sleep mask can work great for this purpose! Or you can try a Lavender Scented Eye Mask and kill two birds with one stone!

RelaxCoo Lavender Eye Pillow for Relaxation, Yoga, Sleeping, Weighted Eye Mask Heated for Headache, Sinus, Dry Eyes Relief, Moist Heat Eye Compress, Meditation Accessories with Aromatherapy, Pack of 2

Seer Stone – My seer stone is a prized possession I use during mindful meditation. Any time I have a specific health scare or question, I pull it out to help Open my Third Eye Chakra and let me “see” an answer. I found mine at a local crystal shop, but they are also available on Amazon.

The New Muse 2 Meditation Assistant is Out!

Muse 2 is a meditation assistant that you wear and is touted as a “Brain Sensing Headband”. Muse tracks your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to guide your total meditation experience. Use your headphones to hear the sound of your mind and body.

Muses teaches focused attention meditation. When you’re calm, you’ll hear peaceful weather sounds. When your mind wanders, the weather will intensify, guiding you back to a calm state.

After each session, you can review your data, set new goals, and build a deeply rewarding meditation practice that gets better every time!

Whatever tools and supplies you use to meditate with, make certain that you love them and they bring you joy!

Learning to pray and meditate for answers is key to keeping me happy, healthy, and balanced. Find out more about DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC GIFTS here…

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Have you tried any of these Meditation Accessories? How did they work for you? What are your favorites? Should I add anything to the list? Comment below!

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  1. These are great ideas for tools to have in a meditation space. I love my meditation cushion and my salt lamps, and I always have a nice scented candle or two, plus my singing bowls. I have always wanted the full set of 7, especially those quartz ones… The Muse headband sounds super interesting, too, I’d love to give it a try! It’s so important to feel comfortable in the space you are in to make meditation and mindfulness an easy habit to keep!

    • Hi Maia!

      Thanks for your comment! I looove my salt lamp too & would really like the whole singing bowl set as well!


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