6 Natural Remedies for Depression & Anxiety (#1 is a Game-Changer!)

mood boosting foods for depression and anxiety

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The best natural remedies that make us super happy, which in turn makes us abundant!

Winter can be tough to keep a positive outlook which is necessary for manifesting more abundance and prosperity into your life. These foods have been suggested to me during meditation over and over and over to uplift my mood and attract more good things into my life.

My guides put it beautifully when suggesting blueberries and peppers. They simply said, “They make us abundant.”

Everyone has low days. Days where everything seems overwhelming and just not quite right. Depression can be caused by many factors: Lack of exercise, sunshine, and social time, as well as, hormone fluctuations, and improper diet. But don’t crawl up into a ball and give in to your depression just yet! I’ve compiled a list of the BEST Natural Remedies that Fight Depression!

Improve your mood, support detoxification, beat depression, and reduce anxiety with these 6 super-foods! (#1 is a GAME-CHANGER for abundance!)

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6 Best Foods for Beating Depression:


1. Blueberries to Improve Mood and Energy –

Starting with my favorite food that fights depression, the amazing blueberry! Rich in antioxidant flavonoids, fiber, trace elements, and vitamins, blueberries are a superfood that have been shown to improve mood within 2 hours of eating! Blueberries have also been shown to improve eye health and reduce urinary tract infections!


Possible suggested reasons for the mood boost include increased blood flow to the brain and a decrease in monoamine oxidase (an enzyme which inhibits serotonin and dopamine, our happiness hormones). (Vijayan, et al., 2013)(Scientific Wellness, 2017)


I jump start my day with blueberry banana smoothies often to rev up my energy and mood! When I’m feeling depressed, blueberries are the first food I reach for! They are delicious on their own or added to a wide variety of foods. You can add them to oatmeal, yogurt, granola, smoothies, muffins, or even cookies!


As an added benefit, a meditation revealed that to me that “Blueberries make us abundant”. Which makes sense since the vibrations of Joy and Gratitude = Abundance!


2. Bananas Boost your Mood and Help you Sleep –

Bananas are great at boosting my mood and helping me wind down at the end of a long day. According to depressionhealth.net, “The antidepressant effects of bananas most likely come from its dopamine, tryptophan and high vitamin B6 levels.” Also, “One banana contains up to 10mg of dopamine in the pulp which serves as an antioxidant and mood booster.” Tryptophan not only helps you get restful sleep, it is the precursor to serotonin, which keeps us balanced, calm, and happy. (Depression Health Network, 2018)


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3. Oranges Fight Depression, Reduce Anxiety, and Support the Immune System –

Everyone knows that oranges help support a healthy immune system. Oranges are delicious and high in Vitamin C, folate, and complex sugars. Studies have shown the mere smell of oranges to reduce anxiety and improve your mood. Many essential oil companies include citrus fruit oils in their “Happiness Blends”. Another study on hospitalized patients gave 500 mg Vitamin C twice daily to those with a depressed mood. The results were amazing, with a whopping 71% reduction in depression and a 50% reduction in psychological distress! (Wang, et al., 2013) (Lehrner, Marwinski, Lehr, Johren, & Deecke, 2005)


4. Dark Chocolate Beats Depression and is a Powerful Antioxidant –

My next favorite superfood that improves mood is dark chocolate. Creamy, slightly sweet, and decadent – It’s like a hug from God himself! Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants. As well as being high in iron, dark chocolate (chocolate with 70% or higher cocoa solids), also contains “tyrosine, trytophan, and phenyalanine, which are the precursors of adrenaline and dopamine.” As an added bonus, dark chocolate is also high in fiber which helps lower it’s glycemic index (The lower the GI score, the less the food spikes your blood sugar). (Depression Health Network, 2018)


5. Hot Peppers Decrease Pain and Lift Depression with a Flood of Endorphins –

Peppers contain capsaicin, which is very hot. They burn your tongue and cause your brain to release a flood of endorphins to kill the pain and provide a temporary lift in your mood! I use cayenne pepper to make a tea I like to call “Sweet honey fire.” I combine lemon juice, honey, and about 10 dashes of Organic Cayenne Pepper with hot water. I’ve also found medium to spicy salsa to give me wonderful benefits in lifting my mood. If you have issues with spicy foods causing acid reflux or stomach pain, it’s best to skip this one altogether. (Horgan, Dr. David)


6. Lemon Detoxifies, Beats Depression and Supplies Energy –

Another citrus known to elevate mood and fight depression is the amazingly versatile lemon. Lemons are great for cleaning, aromatherapy, detoxification, and lifting your mood, which was brought to my attention on another depressed low-energy day. Wondering what I could do about it, I heard the words, “lemon lift”, and immediately went to my fridge to grab my lemon juice. Lemons help your energy levels by detoxifying your body. You can use lemon to lift your mood as an Essential Oil put on your body mixed with a carrier oil, such as Organic Coconut, added to a Diffuser, or simply drank with water. (Scholey, et al., 2014)


Besides eating a diet rich in Organic Whole-Foods, try these mood-boosting, depression fighting superfoods today to increase your energy and keep the blues away!


(Update: As I wrote this, something unexpected and annoying occurred… I came down with the winter blues! An inversion has hung over Utah for several days, bringing not just cloudy skies, but dark gray skies. It’s as if it’s been night for a week straight! Couple that with my 9-month-old teething and screaming half the night and my mood took a huge hit!


I curled up into a ball on the couch and began feeding into the depression with my rational mind. I told myself nothing was right, everything was bleak, watching my children was overwhelming, etc., etc. Sound familiar?


Then, I pulled my laptop back out to finish this 6 Best Depression Fighting Foods post, (insert irony here!), and decided this advice is only as good as my, or your, willingness to implement it. I made a Banana/Blueberry Smoothie and within 15 minutes, felt much better!)


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Have you tried these foods and noticed an improvement in mood? What foods make you happy? Please comment below!



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